Had To Bail On My CAKE Farm!

1 month ago
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Logged into PancakeBunny just in time to see a message about rewards being reduced.

Surprised to see that in just an hour and a half from now I would loose 50% of my farmed BUNNY token if I didn't claim my rewards in time.

It was voted in by the community to reduce the number of newly minted BUNNY by 50%, link can be found here.


BUNNY Token Rewards Reduced By 50%

The vote was pretty much unanimous, and originally proposed back on March 32rd, but I had missed it.


To be honest I'm not totally sure I've ever even looked at the proposals. Live and learn, I'll be keeping on eye on those.

One hour to claim your rewards, Go Go Go!


What do I do now is the question, the farming must continue!

I'll look at the same pool and re-calculate with the reduced BUUNNY rewards.

The APY on the CAKE alone is 197.65% compared to 134.39% for a similar pool on PancakeSwap plus I'll receive some BUNNY, just considerably less.

Might keep it right here then for March.. It's just a little unexpected surprise but I might as well stick with it and keep my eyes open for other options for next month.

Happy Farming!

Ciao for now,


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