Ren Market Down 20 % But Don't Sell Ren Coins Because Market Again Pump

10 days ago
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The current market is trending on and then we broke out you know the market definitely traded well away from that trend which is why we're seeing some of the market weakness come in today with ren being down five and a half percent what we're going to do first is we're going to get rid of this overall trend into the market at ren because the market definitely is not following that agenda i told you earlier we we're not in agreeance to what occurred against our forecast it was incorrect it was not accurate it was wrong

Market Down Point

We're just going to go ahead and take off but if we were to take it off today we'll be down about 90 that is a killer that is a bummer that is something that you do not want to see when you're placing predictions on a price chart it goes down like that sometimes what point will we have really gotten out of the market understanding that our forecast was wrong would have been to the many days that we've seen the market in ren come and hold this area at support we've had what the sixth the eighth the 9th and even on the 10th we would have definitely have seen and understood that the marketing ren is not trying to go lower in price that's just a learning lesson for us and those who are intrigued about learning about language analysis you continue to learn as this market continues to trade

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