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Lot's of news out there in the cryptoverse.

First off, 1Inch has decided to do a "vampire airdrop" onto avid Uniswap users. My immediate knee-jerk reaction to this was of course: another scam, but this one is legit.


Lastly, the project distributed 6 million 1INCH tokens to particularly active Uniswap traders. To receive the airdrop, the traders must have interacted with Uniswap in at least 20 separate days, and have done at least three trades in 2021. In addition, the wallets must not have interacted with either 1inch or Mooniswap in the past.

Yeah... I don't even come close to qualifying for this, but perhaps someone reading does. I can hope. Also, which jackass picked the name Mooniswap? Need to put that guy on my shitlist.



It has also come to my attention that there is a new social media site called Hive. Many are wondering what we should do about this. Should we take legal action?

Looks like a mix between Facebook and Twitter... just totally biting off the popular social media sites.

So what should we do?



Wow look at that!

They even trademarked the HiveMinds™ Show.
How offensive. :D

In any case, there's not much we can do about this even if we wanted to (which we do not). If Hive were to form a centralized agency able to sue hive.org, that simply puts a target on our back to get sued by Hive Blockchain Technologies, something they have been trying to do since we forked away from Steem.


Again, this all goes back to the idea that Hive is its own sovereign nation, and from an idealist point of view, we are not allowed to run off and ask the legacy system to solve our problems for us. It's much better to make a clean break from those vipers and move forward on our own power without having those kinds of strings attached to the old corrupted system.

IP is done, son!

In my opinion, crypto is going to completely eliminate the need for patents and intellectual property. We now have an open-source solution to monetize these things without suing others for "stealing our idea". The ideas now belong to everyone, because the networks themselves can not be copied.

Branding is a tool of the old system. Names and brands aren't as important anymore. These are all just numbers/rulesets in a database. It doesn't matter what we call them, unless we are interacting directly with the legacy economy.


It's also important to note that hive.org can not compete with what we have going here. We are on completely different planes of existence. Just look at their pathetic business model:


Apply below to join Hive, a global community of 3,200 purpose-driven CEOs, entrepreneurs, and founders from 130 countries who are working on creating a better world and are committed to becoming the best versions of themselves.

There is a $10 application fee to cover our costs of reviewing your application. If your application is not accepted, your application fee is refunded. Applications are usually reviewed within 1-2 business days of submission. If you are accepted, the dues to become a Hive member are $500 per year.

What is this Web 1.0 nonsense?

Are they serious? $500 a year? This product is dead on arrival, and the fact that they use the Hive branding can likely only help us. The chance that someone accidentally checks out our network is a lot higher than the other way around.

So tell me, are users going to want to pay $500 a month to be part of this "exclusive" club that may or may not have any value, or are they going to jump onto LEO for free and even get paid? The answer on that front is painfully obvious. LEO is going to stomp this sad project into the ground. Thanks for doing all the work for us as we siphon your users away. Sounds like your users have a lot of money to spend too, so again... thank you hive.org!


What's a DVD?

Morgan Stanley May Bet on Bitcoin in $150 Billion Investment Arm

Oh, shoot

Did I forget to mention Morgan Stanley is flirting with the idea of investing into Bitcoin?

Moving ahead with investments would require approval by the firm and regulators.

Hm... yeah...

The perfect storm continues. Set um up and knock em down, because news like this is just going to keep happening throughout the year.

Bitcoin is IN!

My brother walked into the room a few minutes ago and asked why Bitcoin isn't going up. This is what I showed him:


lol! What do you mean it's not going up?

Even with Bitcoin at all time highs people are still embarrassingly impatient and greedy. Like I said before, as far as the current bull run being over or just getting started, every day that Bitcoin trades above $35k is bullish, and every day we trade above $40k is EXTREMELY bullish. We could crash all the way down to $35k at this point and still be in largely bullish territory.

Fantasy Bitcoin

I am still one point out of the market. I started with 20 BTC (20 point Venti system) and I sold one point at $40k. I stand buy that decision: it was an obviously good play/hedge. Now I'm left with 19 BTC and $40k USD.

If Bitcoin crashes back to $35k, I'll go all in, but I'm hoping for the more bullish scenario to play out, which is a spike to $60k with a crash to $42k. In that case I'll exit a few points as Bitcoin approaches $60k hoping to capitalize on the potential 30% retracement come late March (dreaded tax season).


Oh yeah, the Trump impeachment was an instant acquittal dismissing all witnesses. No biggy. Not a lot of news today at all, really. I'm not invested in what happens there because I've already posted on multiple occasions about Trump and COVID being the ultimate scapegoat for everything wrong in the world.

Plenty of speculation to go around.
Trump is garbage though; they all are.
Tribalism at its finest.
The world is failing to scale.

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