LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #9

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Authored by @silverstackeruk

Happy Saturday LBIers, another week in Leo land has passed by very nicely. The LEO price hit a new time high this week so our bags are pumping. The HIVE to LEO price has dropped but this is only because the HIVE has mooned and in a way, this could be viewed as LEO on sale in HIVE. As for LBI, we had good earnings this week, lets have a look.


Oh yes, this week is one of the magical weeks we receive a double payout day, this time around it came yesterday for us. This helped us bag 1129 LEO this week. The bear share coming from LEO curtation as always. I saw recently that @lbi-token helped to curate about 300 accounts last month which as fantastic and it's great to see that taskmaster4450 is spreading the love far and wide.
Total earning to date are 10,133.94 LEO. We've smashed through the 10k earnings mark in under 3 months. From those earnings, 8,512.73 has been powered up and 1,621.21 has been set aside for entering the wLeo LP.

We are still over the 1000 LEO per week earnings target we set, the past 3 weeks have seen small increase's every week but I dont think this will continue. I would predict that our earnings could fall under 1000 for next week. This week the double payout saved us and without it, earnings would have been 980-1000ish. This is happening simply because more people are using LeoFinance and reward pools are split among more people. It's not a bad thing, we earn less but they are worth more :)


Issued a few hundred LBI tokens this week so balance growth has come mostly from earnings this week. You can see under "lbi-funding", the sum of 1621. This is half our earnings for the past 3 weeks, we have 1 more week to add and then we will get involved with the wLEO LP. Then from March, we will continue to save 50% of earnings for something out at the end of March.

Off the top of my head, gaming could be something of focus to increase earnings. Investing in the LP is cool but as an off-platform investment, it will not produce income. Miners at 16 HIVE, while LEO is 2.20 HIVE, is FOMO numbers. Converting LEO into HIVE to delegate to leo.voter would not be a smart move either at the conversion rate. Most games are priced in dollars and LEO is all-time highing, so looks like I've just talked us into gaming.

After March, no plans because we vote on dividends again to decide if we extend another 3 months are not.

The growth chart is looking solid. If with the huge decline in LBI token issuing's, our growth has remained consistent. When we buy into the wLEO LP, we will add a little volatility as it will be valued in $'s.

LBI token price

Total assets worth in LEO
228,988 LEO

Total LBI tokens circulating

LBI token price - 1.0485 LEO


Its been a good week for us, we got lucky with the double payment that put us over 1100 in earnings. I'd predict we'll do 950-1000 LEO this coming week. As for holdings, next week we should be invested in the wLEO LP. Sounds silly but I look forward to adding it to the spreadsheet and then moving onto the next thing.

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