L2.GR PROJECT 19/2 | 100 LEO Reward Contest !!!

16 days ago
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Hello Hivers and LeoLions


In 2 days for one of my new gaming projects to launch.It is an MMO RPG Lineage II International private server.
I thought I must try to engage both communities together!
The Lineage 2 community and the Hive-Leo community have a chance to hype and empower each other.
This is why I am placing a giveaway with a handsome reward.
This could benefit both worlds and bring traffic to both societies

How to Take Part in our Contest

To get into the Contest

1.Join our Discord (3k members)and post in General chat "The Lions Are Here"
AFTER THE OPENING 19/2 - 20:00 GMT+2
2.Visit the website www.l2.gr, download and install our Game and create your character
3.You must complete the 20 LVL quest to your character(approx 1-hour gaming) and then reach LVL 40 (1 more hour) you are done.
Then a private message into [GM]Syndra to register the giveaway.
If you like the game you can go on playing and I would be happy to help you out!


50 LEO will be in the Contest pool waiting! The date that Contest ends 21/2
25 LEO will be instantly awarded to the player that will reach 20 lvl and finish the lvl 20 quest FIRST!
25 LEO will be instantly awarded to the player that will reach 40 lvl and finish the lvl 40 quest FIRST!


For these numbers to apply participation must be 10+ people so tell your friends and make your shares!
If there are less only the "finish first" rewards will apply in the total of 25 and 25 LEO.


This is a great way to engage Hive and Leo with an outside project!
I hope you support this effort!
Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions about it and see you in GAME!

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