Am I crazy Or What?

10 days ago
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This looks the same to me...

As far as we don't fall below the last support, we're good - In that case I'm expecting a massive move up.

Of course, crypto is wild and everything can happen, and to be quite honest, 30% correction wouldn't be that bad. At least we would get a grasp of where's the strong supports, unlike now, where we don't know shit haha.

I don't think the bull is over and honestly, my belief is that this bull run will be fundamentally different from the last one - THE one that will push crypto in the mainstream.

BTC simply proved its use case, and it's becoming irresponsible not to get exposed.

Like fuck, people who are in crypto for years are panicking over 12% loss - like haven't you learned anything?

The problem with this correction is this;

475K traders got liquidated - the biggest liquidation day In the BTC futures History. Like fuck, $4.5B has been liquidated. LOL

Disgusting to be honest, not to even mention the glitches that happen on CEX-es during strong market moves.

That's why Dex matters.

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