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It is no surprise about the fact of LEO airdrop, which is going to happen in a few days. The last few days has been a complete suspense about the fact of SNAP-shot! Yup, almost everyone who are connected to HIVE/Leo were excited about it. In fact, some were scooping up some cheap LEO in the market, just to get prepared for this airdrop. The recent announcement here , shall describe everything that you need to know about the upcoming thoughts going on in LEO minds.

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Ethereum has been the talk of the town, since the probable evolve of DEFI eco system. But the gas fees, is what stopping itself from growth. Binance is where it came to play! Believe me, I somehow believe these guys are always looking for an opportunity to enter at the right time, at right place to make the best situation out of the situation. Now it feels like they have a whole new world running up on their exchanges. Not only that, they have come up with the "BSC Network". Now it has reached to that position, where it can be called as the ETH killer of Defi.

Since the innovation of Defi is going off the roof, it is to be sad there will be competition. And the main problem is the gas fees. Which has restricted countless small investors/players to get in some De-fi coins. But BSC network has almost depleted that and now in a recent news, it was said an exchange (Pancakeswap) which crossed the volume of the most defi exchange Uni-swap's volume in total. This does shows the possibility of another evolving network in the defi space.

Which is why the rush towards BSC network is getting hyped in the recent times. Thus LEO is going onto the trend with BLEO in mind. So far what I can say, it will be a legit success. As over the past years, LEO-finance has proven the power of community and the ecosystem is always evolving over the time. The team behind it is doing their best in making the eco-system as best as possible by taking necessary steps along the way.

The CUB snapshot will occur at 9 AM CST on March 3rd, 2021

I powered up around 800 Leo, this evening to be a part of the upcoming project of Leo. And a little extra bonus of the airdrop. I bought the Wleo from Uniswap, since I had some extra ETH lying around and I had no plans on using them other wise. What better way than to use them in this way. Immediately powered them up and my VP doubled. My current stake of Leo just crossed 1.7k. Yup, I am aware it is low but its a small start. A long way to go. My curation account rehan-leo has gotten all of the power delegated and I have been doing the curation from out there on a regular basis.


So much has been happening lately in the crypto space. Honestly, it is kind of hard to keep up with everything. But lets make the best out of the situations and keep on stacking as we move further. 2021 is going to be revolutionary!

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