CUB - could it be.... one of those crazy 200% APY DEFI coins?!?

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I'm pretty excited about the forthcoming CUB airdrop - which is tomorrow on powered up LEO and WLEO (and miners I believe) - so power up NOW if you want some.

The announcement post is here, although it's more of an announcement about further announcements.

And this post here by me is entirely just me guestimantcipating (that's a cross between guestimating and anticipating) what some of the content of said future announcement post may be.

(IMO that makes it worth at least 80 LEO. )

My best guess is that CUB is going to be like one of these crazy coins that you see paired with BNB on Pancake - you know the kind that give you a 200% return:

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 19.25.40.png

The announcement post linked above (read it!) states that CUB isn't an HIVE token, but it's a coupon for a cross-chain claim drop - which you'll be able to redeem on Binance Smart Chain.

Usually on PancakeSwap (which runs on BSC) you have to buy these crazy coins (like the ones above) with Cake as part of an IFO, but I'm guessing that we're getting these for free as part of the drop.

And I'm further guessing they'll be the capacity to swap between CUB and leo, or CUB and bleo (maybe on both platforms?) and then on BSC probably staking options on the following:

  • CUB - BNB - for silly APY
  • bleo - BNB - for sensible APY

Whatever the options, I intend to get in gradually!

THANKFULLY I will be getting quite a lot of CUB, and I won't be looking to buy anymore, I am inherently suspicious of what I'm assuming is going to be a 'derivative token' - so IF I'm right about this, I'll just stick with what I'm dropped.

I'll probably look to pool about 20% of my drop initially, swapped 50% for BNB or whatever the pool pair is, and hold onto the rest.

As to bleo - I'm going to start a PD straight after the drop and look to pool around 2-4K bleo in total. I wouldn't want to risk more than that on BSC.

What would be nice is if we got a bleo-CUB pair - now THAT would be awesome!

Or even better a stable coin- bleo or CUB pair, but that's probably in my dreams!

Of course I might be way off the mark here!

Either way it's nice to get an airdrop, and whatever I get I'll be looking to pool SOME of it on BSC for what will probably be a much better return than what you'd get on Hive, but certainly not everything!

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