Happy March HPUD, not LPUD because I'm holding ma Liquid LEO, for now.

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I just Powered Up 50 Hive in honour of March HPUD Day to bring my total stake up to 65900.

Screenshot 20210301 at 09.51.42.png

No LEO power up as I've already got quite a bit and there was that bizarre tweet the other day about it being a good idea to hold onto some Liquid LEO for later n the week.

Overall February was a cracking month on Hive and LEO, they are great places to be when the crypto market is pumping!

Although ironically I've been focussing mostly on LEO and diversifying out into other tokens. Still I haven't Powered Down anything and have still grown.

I'm sure I've had a lot of LEO sucked out of the WLEO pool into ETH - just recently given the ETH price going down, otherwise I would have made 40K LEO this month, oh well, another time maybe!

Hive and Leo Rewards for February 2021

I use mainly the following sources to get these stats:

Headline Stats for November 2020

  • Hive Power - 65 900 (64 100) rank number 255 (260)
  • LEO Holdings - 39 500 - across LEO, WLEO and LBI
  • Splinterlands cards - worth around $3800 using market prices, and around 40K DEC
  • Monthly Hive rewards = around $1010


Hive Holdings and Hive Rewards

@ReviseSociology received the following rewards:

  • 190 HBD in author rewards
  • 903 HP in author rewards
  • 362 curation HP
  • $626 worth of Hive related tokens

And @revise.leo received the following:

  • 9 HBD in author rewards
  • 58 HP in author rewards
  • 0.5 HP in curation rewards
  • $30 worth of Hive related tokens

= $660 worth of HIVE tokens in December

I've been posting more than usual this January, I've been in the mood for it!

Hive name.png

LEO holdings and LEO rewards

@revisesociology received the following in rewards

  • 432 LEO for author
  • 150 LEO for my WLEO POOL stake - guessed because we haven't been paid yet
  • $350 worth of LEO rewards (approx)
  • And some mining rewards, a tiny amount though!

@Revise.leo received the following rewards:

  • 518 for author and curation, mostly curation.
  • $350 worth of LEO related tokens

So that is around 1000 LEO earned in total, but most of that had been drained right out of the WLEO pool!

Hive logo.png

Splinterlands progress and cards

I'm getting a bit bored of the game and have started selling, although I am waiting for land sale to sell most, I think that will pump the price!

  • my cards are currently valued at $3800 at market prices.
  • I'm now stacking DEC again, just from playing and I'm up to around 40 000
  • I'm also earning just > 1 Hive a day from card rentals - so that's another $4 a month. Not very much, but not bad for something requiring so little monitoring!

Hive name.png

Other Tribes and tokens

I've bought some D-Hedge recently - a gentle in, starting at around 750.

I haven't really done a lot else TBH!

Hive logos.png

Final Thoughts

My monthly earnings are starting to look fairly respectable - and that's all just a result of Powering Up and posting and curating consistently.

And now the Hive price seems to have hit a high base of $0.30 thanks to Smooth's proposal sucking all that money into the DAO, that's good for all of us.

Now we just need to decide how to use it!

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