New job...Meh πŸ˜‘

3 days ago
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Started my new job today and God I hate my life. I used to hate my old one, it paid about 500 euro a month but it was super easy and left me plenty of time for side gigs.

New one pays double that but working hours are from 830 to 430 plus two hours for commute. Lol. Can't imagine staying there for more than a couple of months. I think chinese people have something like 6 hours of commute on average. Fucking losers. I would probably kill myself in their shoes πŸ˜‚

Oh well. Just a bit more patience I guess and I will finally be free. Like all those assholes that bought and hodled crypto before me. Soon I will be the asshole drinking mojitos in the bahamas!

Hopefully life won't be a bitch and give me cancer or something when my moon bags finally take off XD

Till then I guess I'll keep hating my life!

In other news, it looks like khal is working hard for my early retirement!




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