A brief reaction to Leofinance update.

1 month ago
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The update by the Leofinance team announcing the upcoming snapshot is just awesome. I guess I will have to decide on sticking to curating or delving fully into the DeFi space.

A suggestion to those who are working into the Binance smart chain space and intend to use trust wallet: please create a separate wallet for all leo based smart contract.


You might find reasons to get involved in other projects that appear every day on the DeFi space and some of them are scams, while some are veritable phishing links meant to gain access to your wallets and wipe it clean. Trust wallet allows you the option of opening multiple wallets. It is quite easy.

I say this because the DeFi space can be addictive. There is so much going on there that you feel like you are in an international market for shitcoins and grand ideas. Such places are also full of conmen with shitcoins, rugpulls and all kinds of interesting scams.

I would like to congratulate Leofinance for bringing the hive chain into the DeFi space at this early stage. I see all the possibilities besides liquidity pools, staking options, swapping and lending. The government token for leofi would ensure a constant utility and this would affect the price of Leo and of hive. Well a lot has been said about this in the posts of those who are more tech savvy than my humble self. So I will leave off.

I have been waiting for this kind of active development on here for a long time. This means lovely discussions and speculations. Leofinance.io users will have reasons to make posts for years to come. At least we can talk about other things besides prices of hive and leo.

Can Leo handle a fork of the Etherum smart chain in the same way as Binance did. It would be crazy considering how cheap transactions on the hive chain are compared to Etherum or Binance. I am speculating though.

The future of this chain has changed. We are moving from the sidelines into the centre of things. We are saying that this chain, the hive chain can be anything it wants to be. I ma sure that many DeFi products will be launched from the hive chain in the coming months and years. It is an awesome time here.

Though, the announcement does not say how many cub will be giving for 1 leo, owning a stake in any project launched by the Leofinance team is a win win as far as I am concerned. To enjoy a blogging platform, a micro content space, a DeFi project all out of one blockchain space for me is the best thing ever. It is time to make some money, I tell you.

You can read the update post here