AskLeo - Is Bitcoin "The Ultimate Way Out" of a Potential Total Economic Misery?

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I don't know who TYLER DURDEN actually is, but I love his articles on The site provides probably the most cutting edge information you could get on the internet regarding the world we currently live in, how certain events and macro economical catalysts can influence our living and so on...

Just finished reading this one entitled Von Greyerz: Shortages & Hyperinflation Lead To Total Misery and I was simply mind blown about the potential total misery we might be heading on this planet going forward and what's causing it. We really hang on a thread in here...

I highly encourage you to read the post entirely and replace gold with Bitcoin right at the ending part where gold is suggested as a hedge against such miserable potential scenarios.

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From dollar collapses to shortages in everything, hyperinflation and liquidity crisis, this article covers everything that's been bothering my mind for a while.

We blamed almost all of the bad things happening in the economy on covid, but this whole mix of events showed us how interconnected the world economy is and what of a domino play our safe warm comfy life actually is, ready to fall piece by piece, once the right finger pushed the first stone forward.

If the everything bubble is about to burst, is Bitcoin(blockchain and crypto) "the ultimate solution" for a potential total economic misery? Is this tech that capable of fixing world economies and rebuilding them better?

Are we that lucky to have it right on time?

By rebuilding better I'm not pointing to what Klaus Schwab and other world leaders are envisioning for humanity. Before giving any reply on the post, PLEASE READ ENTIRELY the above linked article. It's highly relevant and it puts everything into perspective. It would have been a mess if I'd rewrite it and have this #askleo wrapped around it.

It's purely brilliant imo... Waiting for your feed back and see you to the next one. Have a great Saturday and...

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