AskLeo - "Would you let a chrome, volleyball-sized sphere scan your retinas in exchange for crypto?"

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There's a new project in town, or at least new to me, as it seems Worldcoin has been around since early 2013. This thing is basically a "retina image collector" that offers crypto in exchange, for the ones willing to let their retina being scanned by the shiny sphere, while their unique retina personal information creates the subject some sort of an identity and earns him/her free crypto.

You can earn from $10 to up to $200 in worldcoin, as this is the name of the so called crypto, if you let the “Orb Operators’ who take the devices into the world to scan your eyes balls. According to their prediction models, looks like one billion people all around the world will be scanned by 2023.

The Orbs are handled by independent entrepreneurs Worldcoin calls “Orb Operators’ who take the devices into the world – into remote villages and metro stations and university campuses – and convince people to sign up for free worldcoin with an eye scan, which the Orb uses to create a unique identifier called IrisHash that ensures the person is a human who has not collected worldcoin before.

Though privacy experts have expressed concern over this plan, Alex Blania, one of the co-founders of Worldcoin, believes that the Orb’s design is privacy-preserving. According to Blania, the photos of user retinas are not stored anywhere, and zero-knowledge proofs are used to keep user information private and secure. Blania also told CoinDesk that users’ names and other identifying information is never collected.

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Beginning in November, Worldcoin plans to ramp up production to an astonishing 4,000 Orbs per month, which the company plans to match with Orb Operators across the world.

Now, after having everything put into perspective with this worldcoin, the question that pops to my mind is: would you let that shiny sphere scan your retina in exchange for some crypto?

Hell no... I've got better ways of earning myself much more than a mere $10-$200 for scanning my retina and letting this company, that's supposedly an Ethereum second layer project, create myself an identity based on my unique retina. *But sir, can't a smartphone do that via an app while you "blindly use it"?

Yes, it can, but that would be done without my consent. Cryptocurrency ultimately is not about IDs, retinas and ETFs... It's about private wallet addresses, high transfer speeds, low costs for moving wealth across the world and privacy. I guess that's how Satoshi has envisioned it.

Nowadays we find ourselves in the situation that blockchain technology is used to actually track us and violate our privacy instead of sustaining it. I was reading the other day that in I don't know what country they started using blockchain to keep covid passports accountable and to ensure there aren't users counterfeiting them.

That's not what I signed for... Definitely not. I came here for the tech that was supposed to disrupt the legacy system and to empower us, not enslave us more. Don't get me wrong, these are isolated cases, but they're present nevertheless. Long story short, I'm not scanning my retina for crypto. I can grab some, if I want, in other ways that are privacy oriented.

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