"Bitcoin Isn't In Competition With Ethereum"

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One thing that I liked about Vitalik Buterin and how I perceived him in his latest interview, is that he's not an Ethereum maxi. This man doesn't trash Bitcoin and is not in that category of crypto people who are creating and sustaining crypto camps.

I hate to say it, but Bitcoin maxis are probably the most toxic folks around here. These guys are often times comparing Bitcoin with Ethereum as if the two chains are actually comparable, when this is actually not the situation.

It's like comparing apples with oranges... They're both fruits, but none is superior to the other. Same goes for blockchain technology and as we go through the mass adoption process of crypto, every chain(that really has a use case) will find its users. I am absolutely sure on that.

We are competitive beings and often times find ourselves in a competition on almost anything you can imagine, that nature can be seen in crypto as well. I was in this position to... I have often times put Hive and Ethereum side by side and tried to portray Hive as a better alternative to Etherem, or as a better chain.


The reality is that I was missing an important aspect, which is "targeted users". We are not there yet, but at a point we will be in an era where every functional chain will have its specific users, same as every man has his personal diet or his type of clothing.

Hive does it best at what it was designed to do and Ethereum is doing same for its niche. Somehow Ethereum is becoming a chain for the rich, but when you have NFTs minted on ETH selling for millions, it feels natural to pay a few hundred bucks to mint them.

Bitcoin is a whole different breed, the way I see it, although it has lightning network that's making it work as a currency, it's more a store of value than a chain to build stuff on it. I am amazed though to see how many so called crypto gurus are comparing chains and are actual maximalists of these chains.

I hate doing that... Never was a maximalist of anything and I believe that the industry will get to a point where maximalists "won't have any point anymore". We're gonna be simply talking about usability for certain niches and the valuation of every cryptocurrency will for sure be tied to that usability.

Meanwhile, we are not that mature as we believe we are and that could be seen from these types of maxis attitudes. I'm trying to stay away from that and never been a maxi of anything. Everything is transitory. Hope you have a great Monday and week ahead, see you on the next one.

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