Zero Contact, The Validation

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Cryptocurrency "is rat poison" that's going to change the world as we know it. It's the second time I'm stating that in a day. I was reading today a post of @taskmaster4450 about Hollywood and how it is going to get eaten by crypto and I've just stumbled upon a news announcing the first movie to be released as an NFT, featuring the legendary Anthony Hopkins.

Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins is playing a tech billionaire in sci-fi film Zero Contact—and it's being released as an NFT. Vuele is the digital distribution and viewing platform where you can find Anthony Hopkin's movie released as an NFT.

Can you even grasp that?...

An Anthony Hopkins movie released as an NFT. One that has been filmed in 17 different locations since the pandemic has started and was probably designed to be released as an NFT since its inception. "Buyers will be able to purchase the NFT of Zero Contact using either cryptocurrency or credit cards."

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Someone tell me crypto is not eating the world alive and revolutionizing everything in its way and I'll happily disagree...

Zero Contact has created a precedent for the movie industry being released as an NFT, same as El Salvador has done with Bitcoin making it an every day used currency. What's next? Well, more to follow suit and sooner than later we will find ourselves in a world where digital ownership becomes "validated by the masses", actually being the only true ownership humanity has ever had, and cryptocurrencies resurrecting a "born dead financial system".

I am not into NFTs, haven't owned one yet, but I see the value behind them, I see the trends and I'm confident about their future. I'm not confident about all sort of shitty jpegs maintaining their current insane value, but this concept is here to stay and @taskmaster4450 was right, Hollywood is a dying industry.

With NFTs able to represent any form of digital content, it looks likely that—as with the early Internet—they'll move from being a distribution platform for digital art, to music and then to film. Zero Contact may be the first feature film to be released as an NFT, but it's certainly not going to be the last.

You can bet it won't be the last one, as you can bet El Salvador won't be the first and last country to make Bitcoin legal tender. They're all gonna fall like dominos, or should I say, like lambs in front of the hungry lions(leos). Even the idea that President Putin’s Press Secretary saying Russia ‘Not Ready’ to Adopt Bitcoin points towards the potential of adopting it.

Bitcoin might look weak price wise, for some around in the crypto space, and the dollar valuation could still be shaking weak hands out in the short term, but the thing is that "this snowflake has already caused an avalanche". One I'd happily dive in. Have a great weekend folks and see you to the next one.

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