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Some fantastic updates are coming from the Inleo team and one of the biggest updates is 22% APR and the new user dashboard. They have introduced a delegation tier and there are three options that we can avail depending upon meeting certain criteria. I have already enabled the tier three option for my delegation hence I am eligible to earn 22% APR on my delegation. It's been two days for me so I thought of checking it out that how is it going and how many tokens I am earning every day however these earnings will be received in the form of staked Leo tokens.


This is the user dashboard which is currently in the lab and can be accessed through however soon this should be accessible through the main website. This is quite useful because we can see multiple information on the same page including the activity impression count and also the count for replies and votes etc. If I look at the impressions count then it is quite interesting because I have got 242K impressions on threads and almost 47K on posts. I had no idea about the overall impressions count on my threads and I have published 768 threads so far. I think this is considering the latest update because it also shows the 44 posts published hence I assume it is conceding the last two months' data approximately.

The graphical representation shows the bicep bifurcation increase the majority of tokens I hold are high and after this the second holding is in the form of Leo and the green colour represents HBD which is too small. This looks good and also the account balance is showing including all the sets but this amount is not right and I am not sure how its calculated. It can not be 3.78k USd for all the assets. I think this is still under development.

Delegation Reward

Coming back to the delegation part where we can earn up to 22% of a PR but the reward will be coming in the form of staked Leo. If prefer to have a reward in liquid $LEO:$0.07 then you will be part of a tier 1 ad which will pay 13% APR. We need to enable staked rewards in the form of Leo to be eligible for 20% APR. The additional 2% is for the premium users which will come by default if the person who delegated chooses to go with the staked reward has premium activated.

I can see that my current APR is 22% and it is because I have already enabled the option to earn rewards in staggered Leo and I am already part of Leo premium. Since I have delegated 5KH P hence it is showing the expected payout in daily and monthly view. I'll be earning 14.43 Leo tokens daily which will value $0.94 and if I talk about monthly payout then it is going to be 447 leo with a value of $29.13 which its almost $30. I think it's like earning almost $1 every day through the delegation of 5000 HP and I think it is pretty good and this reward is distributed as the daily payout.

You can delegate HP to @leo.voter and earn in 3 different tiers. You can manage your tiers from the dashboard page. If you choose tier 3, you'll earn 22% APR!

Tier is good for Leo's power-building

It's a great offering by the Leo team but depending upon your preference you can choose to go with it. If you are someone who is trying to build more Leo steak then for sure it is a great option for you because this way you will be earning 9% extra including the 2% which is rewarded for the premium members. In a simple scenario, you are earning 7% extra because if you go with liquid then you will earn 13% however with stake you earn 7% extra which is a very good percentage. 20% APR we earn with HBD however this has also been reduced to 19 but with Leo, we can earn 20% APR with tier activation. Again you have to figure out whether it's a good option for you or not however it's good for me and this is why I have already activated it because earning 22% is significant as compared to earning 13% in the form of liquid leo tokens.

I power up Leo every month on LPUD and this event happens 15th of the month. We are just four days away from this event and I confirm my participation in this event. I will be powering up Leo token for sure but I'm not sure what amount I'm going to add to my stake. You will get to know the exact amount of the powering up on the day of LPUD and I hope more people come forward to join this initiative and make it even bigger. It's a fantastic event and I have been participating since the beginning without missing any month and it has helped me grow my leo power significantly.

snapshots are from leo website

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