Bitcoin: A System For All People

1 month ago
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Love it or hate bitcoin will continue to rise. My advice is to not use it if you don’t like it. Or better yet continue down the path of fiat hell where a small group of people own everything. Some people have had to eat their words over the last 10 years.

And it brings me great joy in knowing that the world will be changed for the better. Money is such a sacred instrument to the world. This grand illusion of rich and poor drives so many decisions within our society. Sometimes it makes people do things they would normally not do.

Yet, here we are in 2021 as crypto is about to eat the legacy system. Just today the Houston Firefighters Pension fund dropped $25M in bitcoin and ETH. This may become a huge trend considering all the risk associated with the legacy system. Many fund managers are realizing that the legacy system has many management issues.

Many of those who have been called to do the right thing are not. Some are trading for their own self interest or working on sweet heart deals for themselves. Not to mention the multi-millionaire politicians extracting value as they see fit. Justice will no longer be blind as even the average person is seeing this truth.

The term opting out may become a thing in the coming years. We may already be seeing this trend arise with people quitting jobs in droves. Risking one’s health for virtual fiat is no way to live. Not to mention being unfairly compensated for working your ass off.

It is why blockchain is gaining traction. Many fund managers are chasing yield without seeing the bigger picture. They like to create stock market correlation without realizing that blockchain is NOT the legacy system. Not to mention bitcoin is not the only game in town.

Value is being created on multiple chains. The beauty of this notion is if one chain is underperforming we can use another. Or we can earn on multiple chains and systems. The Federal Reserve system doesn’t give people this choice.

And there lies the crux of the matter; choice. People are born into this legacy system. Although we are considered free men and women many of us aren’t as it relates to finances. Some of us are indebted to the gills. While others can’t find sustainable work to support a family.

Things changed back in 2009 for a great many of us. Some people’s balance sheets still haven’t recovered from the banker bailout fiasco. While many are still looking for a better way. A way to create value and be appreciated for said value.

Either way the legacy system does not work for everyone. Stock market values don’t put food on the table or pay rent. Not to mention many in society are clueless as to what the Dow Average is. And like it or not the changes needed won’t come from printing more fiat or regulating crypto.

Instead the changes will come from innovation and new ideas. These ideas are currently being created on the blockchain. Yet, many within the legacy system will find the returns and the methodology of earning crypto hard to believe. The concept of play and earning come to mind.

Many in society believe games and virtual worlds are a silly concept. Not to mention actually earning real world value playing said games. Yet, it is going to happen. Apple and Google have their heads so far up their asses to miss this concept. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs.

At any rate Hive will continue to be the bench mark for earning crypto. No other chain has created more value for me individually. Although the $ value has lagged the general market we may experience the light bulb moment for society. Hopefully most of you will have your stakes ready when this occurs.

Let us not forget that crypto is more then just an asset class. It is a movement to free yourselves from financial bondage. It is also a way out from the legacy system nightmare that has plagued so many throughout the world. For the economic waters are about to get rough for many.

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