Avoiding low quality content on Hive blockchain

9 days ago
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Hive blockchain is boosting from the Splinterlands expansion as over 10,000 users are joining it day after day. And with that, some of them are heading for the established communities here and start blogging to earn second layer tokens and build-up for the future. While the sea of users is mostly beneficial there is a decrease in quality in terms of blogging and posting across the Hive blockchain and the communities from here. The low quality of posts can be explained by new users yet learning the ways around here, but another source is simply bad content or from trying to trick the system.


With this post, I am trying to emphasize the bad and low-quality content that I am seeing around and which should be avoided by new users in order not to be downvoted or ignored by the communities.

  • Copy-pasting own posts and/or content created by other users. This will work once or twice, but once curators find out for sure you will be discrete in this ecosystem. Plagiarism is something bad everywhere so trying to use other people's work and simply post it is something that will be your doom and fall.
  • Posts with "trading" images with too few explanations if any, which are probably copied from other sites like TradingView which bring no value or certainty. If you have a strategy and can detail it, that's much better, but using other people's graphs with 2 words is not content that is rewarded around.
  • Content with just a link and some Twitter tags. Common guys, do you really believe that this will be rewarded? It is a sure path toward being backlisted all over the place.
  • Content that is not relevant to the community in which you are posting. This one I lived it myself and it is easy to cross the line. Your content needs to be at least tangential with the community where it gets delivered and you should carefully choose your tags.
  • Words are written, but they don't say anything specific nor do attempt to help users. Sharing experiences or how-to about things in crypto in the financial domain are what bring value, not just throwing some theory out there without anything for the reader to use.


These are just some examples that I stumbled upon while manually curating posts within LEO Finance community and outside of it. Until better-targeted apps for 2-words content will see the day of light (one of them being Project Blank), it is good to try at least bring some more details to our posts as after all Hive is a blogging platform that consumes articles and not links, plagiarism, non-sense, wrong linked communities, hieroglyphic languages and so on. I believe we can all do better and if you consume your energy to post something, why not make it worth it? By doing so you'll get bigger votes and earnings across second layer tokens and HIVE or HBD tokens.

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