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The other day I wanted to dive into kingdoms but transferring funds has been difficult as of late between swap programs. Finally! just a few days ago I was able to get my hands on a little Cake and from it dropped it into the new Kingdoms of CubDeFi


What Are DeFi Kingdoms ?

Kingdoms are a new addition to DeFi in which you can stake the following.
and more coming soon.


CAKE Kingdom Breakdown

In this case I'm going to review CAKE itself as you can see that's where I have about 1.74 CAKE currently investing into the kingdom (more coming soon as the swap program finally opened back up!)
If I click on the little down arrow I can review details of the entire kingdom which I want to break down.

*All attempts at correct information have been taken. Values are subject to change at any time.

In this case you can see my current (Staked) amount of CAKE is 1.739 or current value of about $28.91 from that I've earned 0.027 CUB or current USD value of $0.01.

Auto compounding on this contract happens 4,200 times a year and the total APY at the moment is 126.06% of which 116.36% is from the FARM (CAKE) and 9.71% is from CUB. These two combined give me my Total APY. It means you earn CAKE PLUS CUB at the same time. The contract auto compounds so I don't have to do anything with that. The only thing would be is when I want to harvest my CUB out of the Kingdoms.


Kingdoms are a new way to earn more from DeFi. Instead of having to harvest, covert and restake like you do with manual DeFi platforms. Kingdoms does this on auto pilot for a fraction of the cost. While large investors don't feel fees like this hard smaller ones do and this is a great way to get started and really maximize your earnings in DeFi.

At some point soon all Dens and Farms will be converted to Kingdoms. The most recent of those being ETH-BNB and DOT-BNB

Happy DeFi earning!

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