Hive Is A Perfect Homebase

1 month ago
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We are so fortunate to have so many developers in the community that this is what makes us stand apart form the rest. There is no centralized white paper saying this and that happens as development just happens here. Hive has it all and why it will thrive for years to come all down to the community.

After reading Tarazkp's post last night about being able to beat inflation by investing in Hive and all the extra things it offers. This got me thinking and just before bed as well as the possibilities are really that big on here.

I think the majority who joined Hive never really believed that the rewards they earned here could change their lives forever, but they certainly can. Rewind back to the old chain and only last year so not that long ago how things have moved forward for everyone on Hive. Back then we had limited to no development taking place and no wonder developers were getting frustrated. There was no future and the hardfork created a future for everyone on here today.

If you had $10 000 to invest today you would be hard pushed to find a better place to start your crypto journey. The ability to earn besides as an investment is the game changer as the potential to earn is all around us. Literally we have everything under one umbrella with no need to head out unless we want to invest in other projects.

Gaming - tick
DeFi - tick
Staking -tick
Bonus (curating and posting) -tick
Other investments on Leodex -tick
Trading - Leodex and Hive engine -tick

If you are already involved in crypto or someone just starting out this place has it all. I think many of us saw the ability to earn and get ahead during the bear market as the game changer. Everyone outside of Hive mainly parked their investments off waiting for the bulls to come back into town so they could repair the damages that the bears inflicted in 3 long years.

Thankfully I wasn't around for the last Bull market as I know I would have held everything and like everyone else lost 90% of what I had in value. Different story to tell if you were on Hive though to the rest of the investors outside as your investment over that period would have seriously grown. I know as I have gone from 0 to over 60 000 Hive which a few weeks back had a value of $100K. Bear markets was a goldmine for every who stayed busy as the proof is in the pudding.

The one downside to Hive is the inability to sell Hive as having Hive staked is what generates more and gives you the value. I have become attached to what I have and selling it would be rather difficult as the effort that has gone into it kind of means more than the $$$ it may stand for. This is probably why I have been playing outside of the Hive eco system for other things that have no personal attachment and can make the difference this bull cycle.

When this next Bull cycle finishes we know what we have here and how the development is making it better and better with changes happening all the time. As a home base Hive makes perfect sense as at some point in the future the value is going to test those personal attachments we have with our accounts right now as there will be zero's being added to those numbers.

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