On November 3, the cue ball trading ended with a slight decline.

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On Wednesday, November 3, the cue ball trading ended with a slight decline. Bitcoin fell 0.51% against the dollar, to $ 62,896.

In the American session, the BTC/USD pair fell to $ 60382. This was a reaction to the strengthening of the dollar after the meeting of the US Federal Reserve.

The regulator left the rates unchanged and decided to start curtailing the emergency stimulus in November by $ 15 billion (for $ 10 billion in purchases of US Treasury bonds and $ 5 billion in mortgage securities). With this amount of reduction, the program can be completely phased out by mid-2022.

The Central Bank said that depending on inflation and employment indicators, the program for reducing incentives may be accelerated or slowed down.

The dollar's support was short-lived. The price quickly returned to $ 63,149. The fall in the dollar index was limited. On Thursday, he won back all the losses, as another important report for the US Federal Reserve and the dollar (non-farm payrolls) is scheduled for Friday.

Against the background of the strengthening of the US dollar, the BTC/USD pair returned to the level of $ 61807. The cue ball will be free on the weekend when the markets close. For today we should expect a sideways movement in the range of $ 60,900– $ 63,500.

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