If Leo Market Support This Area Then Leo Will Keep Rising Otherwise πŸ˜‘

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We are also under the understanding that this market is going through a downtrend that is the current environment that we're seeing on the price chart for leo.
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We're not going to be fooled we're not going to listen to anyone that's trying to tell us otherwise this market in leo is in a downtrend but take a look at this and take this out our prediction we told you all that the market support was going to be around 25 cents.

You see that we hit that on june the 20th the market took pick from the trap and place it back into our accounts this is what we do we predict price movement that we can get a position and wait for the market to get there and then we win and then we move on to the next one a couple of things .
We need to create or see if the market in leo is able to create some areas of support you see there on the 20st june 2021. the market in leo has sustained price above 24 cents or at least our support line we're seeing how the trap is coming through and he is creating a area of support we break that to the downside we will see the market in leo come down towards 23 cents .
This upcoming trading week that leo holds price around 25 cents the market leo we're still seeing sellers in the market in leo we have enough demand come through to prop up this price there above the market in leo.this market in leo dex and broken doesn't mean that we cannot see a short breakout movement to the upside.
We can still see the market in leo come all the way up to this line .
the long term trend of lower prices is out the way as long as the market what i'm trying to tell you that so long as this market and trades below this trend. we're going to go lower even if we do see the market and leo go up 0 cent on one day if we don't break this trend this downside line.

The market is still going to go lower i'm still seeing the market weakness coming through in leo if you want to continue to play the weakness you might not want to hear that but looking at these price bars.and the volume and where we are in relation to these lines .

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