I powered up 1,756 HIVE for PUD and reached a new milestone

6 months ago
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Call me GoalSmasher69 🤪

Just two short months after I became a Hive Power Orca, I have officially achieved 60k HP. This is partially due to a generous delegation that I received from @dhenz, many thanks to @nathanmars for keeping me in mind for the delegation. You are the man @theycallmedan, Hive is lucky to have your support.

Today I powered up 1,756 HIVE to reach 60k total. It is quite an awesome feeling to watch my account continue to grow every single day. My upvote is now worth a whopping $3. This means on average I can give away approximately $30 worth of votes each day, even more if I don't recharge all the way back to 100%. It feels so damn good that I am easily able to spread the wealth through curation. I know most people who receive Hive rewards are tremendously grateful and it makes their lives better.

I have had my eyes on Hive success for awhile now, 3+ years of daily work to be exact. Often times it has been tremendously difficult to keep up with. Overall I really love what I do on Hive, and it is paying off tremendously at last.

I feel strongly that this is still just barely scratching the surface of winning. Many of our Hive users will enjoy continued success that will far surpass what we have seen already. If you have been on Hive putting in work as long as I have, then you already are feeling the huge benefits of having done so.


A consistent income 🤑

There is a fantastic way to keep up with many different statistics concerning your Hive account. I am speaking of https://hivestats.io/. It is there that I retrieved interesting information about my Hive rewards.

I have been checking Hive Stats for a long time, but this is the most $ amount of rewards I have ever had from one week. During the last 7 days, I apparently have earned a total of approximately $410.12. This includes curation rewards and rewards from making posts.

According to these same stats, I have earned $1,474.80 during the last 30 days. That stat shook me. Nearly $1.5k in one month is a very decent amount of money, especially for doing normal social media stuff.

I have reinvested all of those rewards right back into my account. Powering up enables my account to grow at an even more rapid pace and will allow me to see even greater rewards once HIVE reaches $1, $5, $25, and beyond. I have stood firm in my belief that Hive is a long term reward.

I have an inkling that our reward payouts will continue to go up in $ value. The first time that I make 5 digits in one month will be a huge reason to celebrate for me. $10k/month coming very soon I do believe. Until then I will just keep grinding, nothing can stop me at this point. I’m a finisher and I refuse to lose.


Hivevolution incoming 🦋

If you are on Hive then you most likely create content, actively curate with your HP, or maybe just delegate your HP out and earn income passively. Whichever position you play, the rewards are coming in. I truly feel as though my time on Hive has been very well spent and that many others share this belief. We have such a dedicated community and it continues to grow stronger each and every day. This is why I am extremely happy to power up on #HivePUD April 2021. I hope you decided to do the same.

Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝


Hive Artwork by: @daltono


Orca Artwork by: @jesusmedit

≈ 60k HP

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