HivePUD and Reputation level 77

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2 for 1

It’s March 1st, which means Hive Power Up Day is in full effect. Of course I was happy to power up some HIVE, not just to get another fancy bee badge from @hivebuzz either. I’m sitting at just over 55k HP right now. I’m so close to getting into the top 300 accounts when it comes to Hive Power.

It feels good knowing my holdings have had continual growth over the last 3+ years. It hasn’t come easy, but I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve don’t to achieve my current status.

Along with a bunch of HP came an increase to my reputation. This last weekend I finally reached the magical rep level 77. This puts me in the top 90 of all accounts when it comes to reputation.

I’m pretty big on statistics, so I really enjoy checking out every so often. It motivates me tremendously to see myself stepping higher and higher on the leaderboard.

Win 10 HIVE

One of my favorite new users in 2021 has been @pusen. If you aren’t already following him, be sure to check him out. Ever since I first talked to him he has released top quality works daily. He has already surpassed 1,500 HP since starting his Hive journey in January. This is a prime example of how it is possible to have success on Hive. It just takes some quality content and interacting with exciting community members.

@pusen is currently giving away 10 HIVE to celebrate #HivePUD. You can check his post here for more information on how you can win.

Short and sweet

Today’s post isn’t anything too lengthy, but it is full information that I felt the need to share. Let us celebrate the start of yet another month by powering up some HIVE.

2021 is going to be quite the year Hive and cryptocurrency in general. I’m excited. Are you?

Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝


Hive Artwork by: @daltono


Orca Artwork by: @jesusmedit

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