How to spend your crypto in 2021

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Living off of cryptocurrency

2021 has already been a heated year for the cryptocurrency world. Market caps have increased to new all-time highs and we are seeing steady growth throughout the cryptoverse.

Many who have been in the game for awhile may finally be ready to start spending some of their newfound wealth. Some will continue to hold and keep gathering more each day. Then we have those who will do both, spend some and stack even more. Of course we cannot forget the Bitcoin OGs who have been transacting large amounts for years now.

Crypto makes a person to person transaction near effortless. The fact there is no third party makes things so much better since you are in control of your own money.

One issue we still run into is that not all businesses are accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies quite yet. Some have adopted this new form of payment and more do so each day.

Until the day comes where cryptos are accepted everywhere, it’s up to ourselves to find the best methods of making use of our own digital finances.


6 ways to spend your crypto

Listed below are several different options of companies that already enable you to spend your cryptocurrency.


Buy gift cards for anything under the sun using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. No account necessary.


Get A 15%+ Discount on Amazon and pay with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.


Buy and send gift cards using Bitcoin.


Get a free crypto debit card to use anywhere.

There is an option to stake CRO which will offer you extra CRO rewards, higher limits, and a cooler card made of metal.


Save money when booking hotels, flights, and activities. Pay with cryptocurrencies.

You can stake AVA to earn extra travel rewards and discounts.


Buy electric vehicles and solar energy panels/roofs with Bitcoin.


Save or Spend

It’s totally up to you if you’re willing to start spending your cryptocurrency. I think we still have a lot of huge gains ahead of us, but I at least like to have my options ready if there were to be a time that I need to spend my crypto.

If you’re all-in on crypto and have already stopped dealing with fiat, then having ways to spend your crypto is essential to continue living life. I’m sure many are already living this way, it depends on the level of wealth and what part of the world they are in.

I hope at least one of these methods of spending is new information to you. I would love to hear about other options of paying with crypto that are currently available. If you have any recommendations, feel free to leave a comment.

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