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A week ago I started a challenge encouraging people to write about what they thought the year 2067 would be like here on Earth. Visit my previous blog to read more about the design of the challenge.

By the end, there were a total of 18 participants. I was so happy to read every entry as they were submitted day after day. I was shocked to know that so many people cared enough about this topic to take the time to write in depth about it.

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the awareness of the #PredictTheFuture Challenge. Most of all thank you to all of the users who submitted their own version of 2067.


The Winner is @holovision

It was a very difficult decision for me to pick which writing was my favorite out of all of these. There truly was so many creative entires, I was overwhelmed with solid choices. In the end I went with the post by @holovision.

I chose this one because it made made me feel as though I had just been transported to 2067. This writing provided a perspective that took you through what it would be like to wake up suddenly 46 years into the future. So many things mentioned were actual advancements that are already being worked on today. There were multiple videos linked providing real life data. This made me feel as though the things @holovision wrote about would surely come true.

It’s no surprise this entry was so great. @holovision is also the creator of The Futurology Community on Hive. I didn’t even know that it existed. You can find this user regularly writing about the future. I highly recommend that you follow @holovision and subscribe to the community.


Let’s get a round of applause for @holovision, this one was well earned. I have sent you your 30 HIVE reward. You have a knack for talking about the future.

Here is a link to @holovision’s entry:

My comment

This was fantastic! I didn’t even know we had a Futurology community on Hive. I’m glad you found my challenge and decided to participate. It seems like you definitely have researched a lot about what our future will actually be like. You are not just guessing, a lot of these are real things already in development that will actually be a part of our reality by 2067. The 💩 scanner will surely save lives 🤣
Great post and I look forward to seeing more from you. I’ll be following you from now on.


All of the other entires

I truly mean it when I say that every single one of the contestants provided amazing entires. All 18 of the writings about 2067 are very well worth your time. I encourage you to go visit each one of these posts and see what you think about their version of 2067.

2. @rxhextor

My comment

A lot of what you say is totally some things that I could see happening. It’s scary to thing about, but I try not to get lost in the negative thoughts (even if some signs point to it happening).
The 🪳 will reign supreme in your future world. I’m glad you decided to take your dark ideas of the future and make them into a full post. You are the first entry into the contest so far.

3. @the-bitcoin-dood

My comment

Wow I’m really glad you chose to participate, this is an awesome entry. I call tell that you definitely have thought a lot about this topic, much like myself. I feel as though we are currently in “the uglies” stage of our future. I believe that you have a pretty clear vision of how a lot of the changes will unfold in our future. Sure there is still a blur over what we are seeing in our minds, but we can conceptualize pretty well what things may be like. I really enjoyed reading through all of this, I did read it all by the way 😉 The part I was most torn about was the idea of our car rides turning into mini bar visits. I’m the type that can never really relax or sleep when someone else is driving, let alone automated driving. I tend to always be the driver, in fact I love driving as long as I have a decently fast car with good handling.
I would honestly miss driving so much if it became the new norm to never drive yourself. I guess race tracks will always be a thing, but I love an empty road out in the real world where anything can happen. Thanks again for your awesome entry!

4. @jlufer

My comment

This was some damn fine writing Mr. @jlufer. Positivity exudes from your written vision. I very much enjoyed how you took us on a time traveling walk through the forest. I truly wish with all of my being that every single one of these positive changes occur by the year 2067. By the way you look great with grey hair. I think you had a clever idea using the Face App to advance your aging. Cheers to a healthy and prosperous future.

5. @lionsaturbix

My comment

This was freaking awesome! I love your thumbnail image creation and that was some excellent writing. Also thank you for doing both English and Spanish! You and I share many of the same ideas for the potential of the year 2067. Time: Quantum physics will in my opinion provide time travel capabilities and teleportation. Like you said, that very likely is already happening. That would explain a lot of the odd things occurring in our world right now. Perhaps there has been some sort of distraction between various planes thanks to irresponsible time hopping. Some things just make zero sense these days, perhaps this is why. The tv show Future-Man dives deeper into this theory, in a comedic way. Technology: Phones have evolved so much just in my lifetime. I’m 28 years old and when I was born we had giant bulky ones with huge antennas. My first phone was a Motorola Razer and texting on that thing sure was the task. I bought the very first iPhone and have had many more of them since. The initial iPhone didn’t even have 3G, there was no App Store, and you couldn’t even send pictures through text message. The camera was terrible too. Now things are so much more advanced. I imagine the hologram idea you have will become a thing. That and AR are for sure going to be more and more popular. I imagine a HUD over everything that we do which will assist in nearly every activity. Video Games: VR is going places. Add in realistic haptics and a treadmill, then we are cooking with some serious heat. Then take things to the next level with the chip idea you have for living the games. That’s going to be highly addicting to say the least. Cryptocurrencies: Crypto is currently going through its experimental phase. Once things get ironed out and the use cases all find their own niche, we will be on to the next generation of transactions. Paper money will be long gone and considered as nothing more than a collectible. I’m sure it’ll still hold value, but not in the same way that it does today. I really appreciate you taking part in the challenge. You made an excellent entry. I will remember this for certain when it comes to selecting a winner next week.

6. @silversaver888

My comment

Precious metals are something that I do not have much experience with. Silver seems like it will be a popular store of value even in 2067.

7. @hienco

My comment

Very impressive writing you contributed to the contest! I just finished reading all of this and am so happy that you decided to join us.

You have so many precise ideas about the future, I agree with you on many levels. I have watched all of the films that you mentioned and each one provides excellent ideas for the reality of our future. I am super happy that you did this, thanks again for participating. I think this is one of my favorite posts for the contest so far.

8. @leogolj

My comment

You totally smashed it in the best way with this one dude! You have some very interesting expectations for the future. I love the vertical city idea, especially if they incorporate a lot of nature into it mixed with the new technologies. Video games of the future of course are something I look forward too immensely. I have never heard of the movie ATON, I will have to check that one out. I just want to thank you wholeheartedly for participating. You did a wonderful job and I am proud to have an awesome community member such as yourself join in on my challenge.

9. @pusen

My comment

What a find lad we have here with Mr. @pusen. I’m very proud of how great of a Hive content creator you have already become. I was hoping you’d choose to keep posting daily after seeing your first post awhile back. Everything you’ve dropped on here so far has been of very high quality and presented beautifully. The way this post was setup for instance was fantastic. Keeping your thoughts spaced out and easy to understand made this even more of a joy to read. You made several wise points about economics, overpopulation, and climate. Your take on the #PredictTheFuture challenge was ultimately a total success. I want to thank you for not only participating, but also for helping make Hive an even better place than it already was. Bravo my friend, keep up the solid efforts!

10. @bhattg

My comment

You make several valid points in this one. I love the images that you chose to use for this writing. Your take on the year 2067 is full of interesting ideas. It’ll be exciting to see how much of it comes true. Thanks for your participation.

11. @vikvitnik

My comment

I think the idea of a borderless world is something that makes sense and would just worm. We are all going to be connected in more ways than we known, there will be no sense in fighting that union. I’m sure some will still insist on arguing, but weapons will be so powerful that these fights either won’t last long at all, or will cease to exist all together due to there being no chance in avoiding total chaos thanks to the new weaponry powers. You used some really cool images by the way.
Thanks for participating. I enjoyed reading your entry a lot.

12. @daltono

My comment

I authored this one, so no comment from me.

13. @miriannalis

My comment

I very much enjoyed reading your entry just now. I think that it is very clear that you have a strong love for both earth and it’s inhabitants. We need more people like you spreading love and light. We may just have enough positivity to help make this Earth an even better place than it already is.

14. @feiderman

My comment

There is so much to talk about when it comes to the future. I think you did a fine job of discussing the topics that you selected. It is true, we are a very destructive species. I hope that we can find other things to distract us from destroying the beautiful creations that call Earth home. It also sounds like you know a lot about the Mars colonization. I watched a movie called Space Sweepers last night that showed what it would be like if we tried to turn Mars into Earth. That movie was really great, although kind of long. It’s worth watching, it’s on Netflix now.

15. @tsunsica

My comment

Let’s hope we do not lose our main pillar, life would be very difficult without the Internet. We have grown so used to having an online connection for everything. I love the idea of electromuscular stimulation to invigorate the body. It would be nice to have my ultimate physical form just by letting some electrics pulses do a perfect workout for me. Thanks for participating in the challenge and inviting others to do the same!

16. @pashinni

My comment

You are correct, we do already living in the future. Everyday we step further into the unknown. I’ve watched many apocalyptic movies set in the future, they are always enjoyable. I do however hope that isn’t our result. I think having lazy people who take advantage of having an easy life thanks to new tech is more possible for sure. Much like the movie Idiocracy. The only thing is, I know there are too many great people who won’t let human beings fall down that low. There will always be stragglers, but we have leaders who will step up to propel human civilization to great heights. Thanks for writing an entry to my challenge!

17. @equipodelta

My comment

I’m so glad you decided to make an entry to the challenge. After reading you comment on mine, I knew you had a lot to talk about.
I think you did a wonderful job letting your ideas out and I appreciate you being willing to state your opinions on the future. Quantum teleportation, incubator babies, and nano bots were my favorite topics that you mentioned. We are definitely in for some major changes when it comes to the year 2067. I look forward to being around to see what it is like.

18. @graciadegenios

My comment

I loved reading this! You were the last entry before the challenge ended. I’m glad that you made it before the deadline.
Your writing and attitude is proof that living your life in the present and to the fullest is a fantastic decision. You look far younger than 39 years old, your positivity must contribute to that. Thanks for participating in the challenge and look out for the winner announcement on my next post later tonight.


Thank you to everyone

I truly cannot show my gratitude enough for everyone that chimed in on 2067. I was really hoping that people would actually be inspired by this challenge. I see that everyone was actually passionate about sharing their ideas and not just chasing the reward. I hope that all of you realize how special each one of you are. We all are so unique and that is very obvious by the huge differences in each one of these memorable blogs.


Another giveaway

I wish I could give out HIVE to everyone that participated, but that would become costly quite fast. I’m glad at least one person was able to receive a nice reward for their creative efforts. Plus I’m sure many of you received some decent post rewards too, I made sure to share all of the entires to my Twitter feed.

If you didn’t win this time don’t worry, you have another opportunity to win some HIVE. I am currently offering a 50 HIVE bounty for one lucky person.

Details on how to enter to win can be found here:

Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝

I hope to continue to hold awesome contests like this one. I think it’s a great way to inspire creativity, give back to the community, and meet more new people on Hive.


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