I am taking over 240 extra hours off of work this year

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2021 is set to be great!

I’m a big proponent of staying consistent and working hard. That’s easily proven with over 3 years of daily posting here on my blog.

Another thing that I also believe in heavily is taking time off from work when you need to. Getting burnt out from staying productive non-stop is a serious possibility. Sometimes when that feeling begins to occur, it would be wise to take a break.

I have zero plans of taking a break from posting on Hive, I just enjoy it too much. One thing that I do plan to take a lot of time off of this year is my regular day job.

I am given a decent amount of vacation time to take days off from work each year. During my time off, I receive pay just like I would if I were working normally. It’s one of the perks of my job, there are a few.

Usually I take a couple of full weeks and just save the rest to take an extra day here and there. This year I have decided to do things a little differently.

I had so many extra hours saved up from last year thanks to COVID, which made traveling a bit weird all of 2020. I began 2021 with about 260 total hours of vacation time to use. I decided to use 240 hours and planned out my entire year.

I have a total of 13 three-day weekends, 4 four-day weekends, one full week, and one set of two weeks in a row off from work in 2021.

Getting days off at my job is all seniority based. I’m just above the middle of the pack, despite being one of the younger workers at 28 years old. Everyone gets to pick a few weeks, starting with the person that’s worked there the longest.

After every person is given their chance to select their weeks, then there is a landmark date in the middle of March. It is then that we can start asking for every other date that is still available on the 2021 schedule, this is first come first serve.

I was top of my game this year. I had to be, I knew I wouldn’t be the only one that would be hoping to take some extra days off throughout the year. I made sure to analyze the calendar on day one of my opportunity to select more vacation.

Normally I’m off every Saturday and Sunday. So it makes the most sense for me to take off Friday or Monday, that way I get a longer weekend. Another thing I tried to aim for was weekends where there was a holiday. This would allow me to extend my breaks to twice as long as a typical two-day weekend.

As you can see by my extra days off list above, I was able to grab a lot of days. I asked for every single Friday that was still open besides one. I also was able to grab a few days that were connected to holidays, one was during my 29th birthday weekend (Columbus Day.) Plus three full weeks for longer vacations, one of which is already planned.

I’m honestly so excited to not only have this much time off in 2021, but also the fact that it’s already planned out; I know what to expect. This makes life feel a little more on the calm side, rather than chaotic.

Why so much vacation❔

This could potentially be the last year that I have to continue working this job. If the cryptocurrencies that I have large stakes in continue to rise like they have been lately, I would be silly to keep giving 40 hours a week away to a job.

I feel as though it will make much more sense at that point to put more of my time and energy into creating great content on Hive and living life. That is what I am most passionate about.

I have been patient for years thus far, working a decent job so that I can fulfill my general needs. I’m thankful I’ve been able to keep a high level of happiness during this period. It hasn’t always been easy, that’s for sure. I do however very much look forward to being in control of my own day to day duties. This will allow me to help others learn to do the same.

I figured it is sensible to make 2021 as awesome as possible. There is no sense on banking more time off from work, I’d rather use it and actually get to enjoy more days outside of work.

I encourage you to do the same❗️

If you have vacation time at work, use it! Don’t be afraid to ask for days off, even if your superior doesn’t always make it an easy thing to talk about. Stand up for yourself and take what you are owed. If it means not getting paid then you clearly need an extra source of income, such as crypto and its potential for abundance.

So many of us work tirelessly and never are fully rewarded for it. That, or we are too nice and afraid to take what is waiting right there on the table for us.

I want to reiterate that staying consistent and pushing your hardest is a magnificent thing to do. Just please do not forget that we all require a resting period in order to recharge. Seek out something that relaxes you and go for it.

Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝


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