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The Hive DEX, or the internal market as it is mostly known provides a HIVE to HBD trading pair. The tricky thing is that on the internal DEX the Hive network always assumes HBD is valued at 1$. Because of this you will see HIVE is being sold for less or more then what is it on the external markets. An adjustment of the value of the HBD is needed and then it will all works out. One more thing to the Hive quirky system 😊.

The liquidity on the internal market has always been low and not very convenient for large swaps. But in the last few months we have seen and increase of the trading activity for HBD, a lot of arbitrages happening in both directions. Lets check the overall volume.


The @hbdstabilizer has also been active on the internal DEX and has increased the overall activity. This project is trying to peg the HBD price to the dollar and it is selling or buying HBD depending on the price.

Here we will be looking at the volume on the DEX, both in terms of HIVE and HBD.

We will be looking at the following:

  • Daily volume in HIVE
  • Daily volume in HBD
  • Top accounts providing HIVE liquidity
  • Top accounts providing HBD liquidity

The period that we will be looking at is January 1st, 2021 to October 20, 2021.

Daily Volume In HIVE

Here is the chart for the daily volume on the DEX in HIVE.


A huge spike in the volume in August and the first half of September. An increase again in the last few weeks.
The record high for a daily HIVE volume is on September 2nd, with 2.5M HIVE traded per day.
The trading volume usually increases when HBD goes of the peg and it is trading above or under a dollar. In August it was trading above one dollar and these days it is trading under a dollar.

In August there is a total of 16M HIVE traded and in September, 8M HIVE.

Daily Volume In HBD

Trading volume are usually valued in USD. Here we will be looking at the trading volume on the HIVE DEX in terms of HBD. Here is the chart.


A similar pattern as for the HIVE volume here as well. A spike at the end of August and the beginning of September.
Although in the previous period the volume for HBD is even lower then for the HIVE, this mostly because of the low HIVE price.

A 7.5M HBD traded in August 2021 and 5M HBD, in September 2021. An average of 250k HBD a day in August or 170k HBD in September. A one million HBD per day will be a decent volume.

Top Accounts Providing HIVE Liquidity

How are the accounts that trade the most? Here is the chart for the accounts that provided the most liquidity for HIVE in the last 30 days, or in short selling HIVE on the internal market.


The @hbdstabilizer is on the top here with 1.5M HIVE sold in the last 30 days. @mika is second with 770k. The stabilizer and the rest of the big accounts are mostly selling HIVE in the last month (buying HBD) because of the low price of HBD.

Top Accounts Providing HBD Liquidity

The chart for the HBD liquidity providers looks like this.



The @hivekorea is on the top here, that is basically selling HBD on the internal market. This account is probably arbitraging between the Korean exchange Upbit, where the price of HBD is lower than the internal market. @chaoxin, @jupiter70 in the top as well, doing the arbitrage as well.

Overall, 2021 has a more dynamic internal market, mostly incentivized by the @hbdstabilizer, but also from the option to convert HIVE to HBD with the latest hardfork. With this everyone can create HBD from HIVE, and the opposite option that was available before.

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