Updates on the Generalized DLUX Open Token

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Well... It's been a week since I petitioned for Hive DAO funds. Of which the threshold to achieve funding has increased by half as many HP as has voted for me. But it's not all bad; 4 of the top 20 witnesses have voted for me and several other accounts that have been community cheerleaders for as long or longer than I've been around: @therealwolf @acidyo @penguinpablo @taskmaster4450 @arcange @ausbitbank @fw206 @marki99 @inertia @ats-david @saboin @crimsonclad @bryan-imhoff @foxon @actifit and many more dolphins and minnows.


But I've got great news!

You can branch this Repo set a few config variables, and start running your own community token! Of course this needs to be tested, poked, and prodded by developers and users alike... but this is my submission for 0.9.0a. Meaning I intend to add no further features unless token security demands it. As stated in my DAO proposal the swap protocol is the meat of my roadmap until February. There is still testing and debugging of this software, and building the front-end scripts to help websites interact with it.

After which work will begin to incorporate DAO controlled multi-sig into this protocol. Taking the base protocol to 1.0.0 hopefully by April. Enabling among other things, partial order fills, and a non-custodial ICO.

Now why should you vote for this proposal? What kind of things will this enable on Hive?

  • Running these tokens are their own exchanges. No need to worry about where to list tokens or pay fees to gatekeepers. Anybody with a Hive account can directly and immediately engage. Even XRP can't stay listed on exchanges.

  • This isn't Ethereum or any other blockchain that charges fees. Node operators for your token will have fixed server cost and it's users may be able to interact with their RCs alone.(Exchange Fees are customizable and not determined directly by network saturation)

  • This provides a much needed HP/RC sink to help quell the capital flight to exchanges.

  • The DAO that runs the Token has near instant restarts and replays. All transaction types happen faster than waiting for a bitcoin block or confirmation of ETH blocks.

  • You can bring your own code to enable any business logic

  • Having multiple nodes in a DAO makes petitioning API or building oracle services a breeze.

  • These nodes can even run other blockstreams at the same time and build ETH/Other Bridges directly on HIVE

  • Controlling Escrow Transactions can enable NFT auctions. Even physical auctions can happen: Make Art, Register it as an NFT, have your logic enable the NFT to be registered by the winner, send the art and a QR code, the winner scans the QR code and signs it on the chain releasing funds to to artist. Maybe in the future Fed-Ex will sign intermediary custody as well

  • Run a group of ride sharing or handyman services, auction your free time and not have to worry about Uber being blacklisted by your government. You are the owner.

  • The possibilities are endless, and the web of trust that Hive enables will make everything it touches easier.

  • DLUX Tokens themselves(running the dlux.io platform) will be capable of being burned for content placement/advertising. Powered up to vote on content. Used to pay for micro-services like hosting, TURN, and WebRTC Relays. Fees to run contracts and Oracle services. And all Open Tokens can be used to provide liquidity to exchange and earn yield with exchange fees.

Bounty and PenTest

If you're tech savvy help us test this.
There are currently roughly 12M Tokens in DLUX
Any major breach will be rolled back and/or corrected with the breacher earning a maximum of 5,000 DLUX.
Gains that can be made less than 5000 DLUX can be kept.
Any users accounts are guaranteed.
All tokens distributed from this bounty will be from already minted tokens.
Any critical(balance altering) pull requests will earn 2500 DLUX.
Any non-critical(halting - other) pull requests accepted by the deadline can earn upto 1000 DLUX.
1 bounty per bug (please fix all instances of found bug)
Bounty ends on Feb 15th or the first 3 day period with no critical errors found.
There are up to 750,000 DLUX up for bounties. (currently located in rc and rm, your pull request can alter these) in the following fashion:

var cleanState = data[1]
cleanState.balances.rc = cleanState.balances.rc - 2500000 //add this line
cleanState.balances.yourhiveaccount = cleanState.balances.yourhiveaccount + 2500000 //add this line
store.put([], cleanState, function(err) {

After merge and 10 minutes the above lines will be removed, but your name will remain in the code forever.

Some Previous posts that should help you get oriented:
State and DEX
DEX Gametheory

If you want to help support us, don't do it for free: Send HIVE to @robotolux and claim your DLUX tokens at 1 for 1 with HIVE. @robotolux doesn't take HBD. Make sure you've voted for DAO proposal




This is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization built on the HIVE ecosystem.


This software builds a network of peers that use HIVE to post and interpret transactions. This allows these peers to come to a consensus and elect peers to run tasks. Distributing computing in this way allows a vast amount of potential applications, DeFi, and oracle services. By distributing authority to perform transactions we can have a frictionless(no intermediate tokens, no central authority, no intrinsic fees) way to cross asset boundaries(HIVE/OPEN_TOKEN) with no information asymmetries, ie Finance without securities by definition... just free speech: As no party is required to perfom any function, or prevented from performing any function, no promises are made by peers. Network Incentives (OPEN-TOKEN) alone are enough to maintain trust.

These features are currently working and being tested for 0.9.0a:

  • Send: Use custom_json with active permission, "ACJ" to send OPEN_TOEK tokens
  • Illiquid voting state. Power up and down OPEN_TOKEN for voting and delegation with ACJ
  • Chron to execute virtual operations: expire trades, powerdown stake, enforce penalties.
  • Hive posts that benefit the configured account at > the configured % are:
    • entered into a voting eligible content pool
    • optionally have their IPFS content pinned with rtrades(3rd party service)
    • can be programmed for any other function
  • Users can vote on content with weight, using custom json with posting permissions.
  • Have a daily pool of 10 full votes, and 1 in 10000 fine control of voting stake.
  • State is saved to IPFS every 5 minutes for fast automatic starts and restarts, also used to determine consensus
  • LevelDB with custom transactional handlers for transactional writes
  • JSON express server API
  • Token sales from the configured account with HIVE transfers
  • Token sales set with pricing feedback.
  • 2/3rds consensus algorithm
  • automatic messaging to join network ad-hoc
  • ability to delete node from list(turn off escrow queue)
  • report consensus
  • distribute OPEN_TOKENS to configured account delegators and keep running total
    • Used for auto voting on content with delegation
  • pay nodes for processing trusted state, facilitating an escrow/dex transaction or running a smart contract.
    • Effectively mining OPEN_TOKENS with Hive Resource Credits
  • establishes a 5%(configurable) inflation rate and distributes rewards to run the network
  • Automated accounting post from configured account or mirrors
  • Track interactions on a rolling feed via block_num and TXID.
  • Automates IPFS pinning for OPEN_TOKEN votable content from configured account or mirrors
  • 2 way DEX
    • On state trade history with daily reductions to high/low/volume
    • Price/collateral controls from Volume Weighted Moving Average
    • Enforcement of collateral

These features are works in progress:

  • Partial fills of DEX orders 1.0.0
  • Multi-signature deterministic control of community capital 1.0.0
  • Ban nodes to discourage bad action 1.0.0
  • Smart contracts to build IPFS market 1.1
  • Smart contract to build account creation token market 1.1
  • NFT/smart contract system with fetch and consensus ie. distributed computer 1.1

This software is meant to be run as a public API for decentralized token data.

While it runs it verifies other nodes are operating correctly and confirms this by posting a customJson transaction to Hive. 288(configurable) messages will be required per day per node operator. More Resource Credits will be required to handle escrow transactions and transfers.

Deploy from heroku or similar and set ENV variables with a hive name and active key. Deploy from home computer for maximum account security.

  • account - dlux-io
  • active - active posting key (will run escrow transactions for rewards) !! caution while in testing !!
  • domain - https://<token-api>.<a-domain>.com or http://<static-ip>:<port>

To Build Your Own Token

Branch this and find this part of config.js


const starting_block = 49988008; //from what block does your token start

const prefix = 'dlux_' //Community token name for Custom Json IDs

const TOKEN = 'DLUX' //Token name

const tag = 'dlux' //https://the-front-end.com/tag/@leader/permlink

const jsonTokenName = 'dlux' //what customJSON in Escrows and sends is looking for

const leader = 'dlux-io' //Default account to pull state from, will post daily

const ben = 'dlux-io' //Account where comment benifits trigger token action

const delegation = 'dlux-io' //account people can delegate to for rewards

const msaccount = 'dac.escrow' //account controlled by community leaders

const mainAPI = 'token.dlux.io' //leaders API probably

const mainFE = 'dlux.io' //frontend for content

const mainIPFS = 'a.ipfs.dlux.io' //IPFS service

const mainICO = 'robotolux' //Account collecting ICO HIVE

Then alter the state.js with balances and other starting information