April showers bring May flowers

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Summer is coming!


I don't know guys... kind of seems to be playing out like clockwork.
Even the 'bad' months have been decent.
Summer bull run is in the queue.


April ends and we get a nice 10% bump on the day.


Ethereum is still killing it.


We are experiencing a very strong alt-season.

This makes me a little nervous as I wonder if some of the Bitcoin holders are just getting bored while BTC consolidates below ATH. If accurate, as soon as BTC starts making ATH again the alts could get sucked back up in to Bitcoin as is often the case.

I'd be extremely bullish if this was not the case. If the alt market continues even after BTC starts breaching ATH again the faucets are on full blast. Could go either way but I'm expecting a strong Q2 regardless of which path we take. As always I'm hedging and taking both paths at the same time.


The FUD machines have been turned on full blast!
The dinosaurs are quite annoyed!


Seriously though, does Bill Maher actually believe that, or is he just parroting what he's been told to say? Either way: pretty blatant propaganda is on the rise against BTC as it raises the ranks, and the left-wing angle 100% hinges on this "wastes energy" façade that I have thoroughly debunked on multiple occasions. The ability to take energy from the physical world and transform it into digital value is a miracle ten times over.

Bitcoin is funding & supporting sustainable energy, not the other way around. The blatant propaganda spewing forth (from people who even admit that they don't understand the technology) is... something. He even quotes Warren Buffet in the tirade, another person who openly admits they don't understand the tech and they don't want to. Wow, sick credentials you got there, Maher.

Warren Buffet has an infamous history of missing out on the tech sector, and you quote him to "prove" that the world's most valuable piece of tech is actually worthless Monopoly money? Ironic considering that once you understand the tech it becomes clear that fiat is indeed the Monopoly money while crypto is the real unhackable asset.

PHUD time

It's also Hive Power Up Day so now's the time to power up some Hive if ya got it. Personally I'm keeping my rewards liquid. Perhaps I'll spend a few tokens on the new Speak airdrop when it goes live. Out of solidarity for Hive I'll powerup 500; another minnow added to the stack. Easy.


This latest round of FUD is not doing a great job of suppressing the price. Last I checked, Elon Musk doesn't give a shit what Bill Maher says:

"Bitcoin is toxic."

Pretty obvious that Bill Maher is 100% toxic all of the time... just watch the show for proof. Last I checked: smug self-righteous superiority complexes were a bad look.

Luckily his feeble swings at the Bitcoin piñata didn't connect very well. No candy for you, kid. If anything he just told a million people that tech mogul Elon Musk just bought in. How many Bill Maher viewers had no idea Telsa bought Bitcoin recently? Oops!

Propaganda fail.

Welcome to Q2, fam.

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