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The Pact has been made.

Souls have been sold.

On to $100k.


Oct 20

The Blood Moon is here, and the only blood that has been extracted is that of the bears. This signals a two week mega-rally until November 4th on the New Moon.

There is a small chance that the retrogrades "reversed the polarity" of the moon cycles. Back in 2017 if you look at the charts it was the full moons that were bearish and the new moons that were bullish. Now it's the other way around. I actually had a difficult time seeing where it actually flipped, so who knows if that will happen again.

I'd like to think that Goddess moon knows when to buy and sell, so the polarity won't be flipped until we get to the peak of the cycle. Which IMO is $250k+. Just kidding I'm totally talking out my ass just padding this blog with gibberish. I'm good at that.


But I am being serious when I say we are primed for a mega-rally over the next two weeks. We could EASILY get to $100k by November 4th. Easily. And if/when we do shorting the market will be the easiest thing ever... because lol we spiked from $40k to $100k with ZERO dips. That's just free money right there. I'll keep you all updated.

One-dip November?

Last year November basically had no dips just like I predicted... this time around I think we actually will get one of those 20%-30% retracements, but that's about it. But I mean if BTC gets to $100k, do you really care? You shouldn't. In fact, a dip in BTC at $100k could be wildly bullish for the alts as BTC dominance scrambles to maintain wealth by pumping alts that haven't pumped yet. When BTC gets that high it doesn't matter if it dips, the alts will go crazy no matter what. Too much money flying around.


This is the month that everyone is asking you about Bitcoin. The month that everyone is wondering if Shibu Inu gonna make them rich. It's not. The mainstream media will be cranking out propaganda left and right trying to get the noobs to pump their money into the market.

They will not support crypto... no. They will only talk about the price. They will not talk about the importance of decentralization or the Brave New World that's being built. All the FUD will melt away and everyone's focus will be on number go up. Don't fall for that garbage.

This is a money attack.

A supply shock is not good. A supply shock is a money attack on the system. These fucking people have INFINITE MONEY and they will use it to pump the shit out of the market and make it completely unstable. From there they use the MSM to fleece the sheep and get them to waste their money buying the top. Then they use their regulatory powers to crash the market and short it into the dirt, keeping everyone poor. How many times does this need to happen before people get it? The number going up this fast is definitively not a good thing in the long run. We need more USERS, not more money, and they are bleeding our users away with this money attack.

What goes up, must come down.

The doomsayers are hilarious. They whine about manipulation. Well, you can't manipulate something DOWN until you pumped it to the moon. This isn't gold or silver where you can get away with naked short selling the derivatives market. If they want to crash crypto they need to pump it up first. This is exactly what's going to happen over the next few months.


All we can do is hedge our bets. DCA sell in December/January. Get into DEFI stable coin pools. Buy more HBD and get that 10% yield in the savings account. Transfer wealth from alts back into BTC with the rest of the market. Open up extremely safe short positions that get more aggressive as the price goes from $250k-$400k. This is the way.


Don't forget, you haven't made that money until a year of bear market has passed and you can buy back in safely. USD is garbage. If you are holding USD you are doing it wrong. Unfortunately crypto doesn't have a good unit-of-account yet. But it will soon (4 years) with the advent of defi and exponential APRs. That's when fiat will begin to collapse completely.

Make no mistake, crypto ABSOLUTELY WILL BE BLAMED FOR THE NEXT FINANCIAL COLLAPSE. Imagine being 84 years old with cancer and your death being attributed to COVID. That's what's going to happen to crypto. Fiat is on its deathbed but no, it's crypto's fault that it's doing so poorly.


Crypto is going to be doing great and then all the regulators are going to crack down... then tax season will roll around and fuck everyone up. Blah blah blah, same shit different cycle. It's gonna happen. Make no mistake. The doomsayers have just arrived 3 months too early. Doesn't mean they are wrong.

By all accounts the stars seems to be aligned here. A crypto collapse may very well coincide with a legacy economy collapse. Everyone says Bitcoin isn't going to fall 80% this time around because "institutional adoption" will prop the market up. You guys know institutional sharks know how to short the market... right? It's going to crash even harder the next time around. $400k to $40k could easily happen. 90% loss for Bitcoin... 95%-99% loss for the alts. A Shorter's paradise. I'll be sure to jump on that train next bear market. Easy money.


When you're a mega-whale: holding == buying

I was going to make this an entirely sperate post but, it would likely be lacking in substance. The idea here is that if you hold a huge share of crypto, simply holding it is the same as buying. This is especially true for hyperinflationary markets like CUB where the yields are insane and experience constant downward pressure caused by yield.

This is the perfect time to maintain that holding pattern. There are very few networks out there (especially in the top ten) that are worth buying right now. Simply hold and see where this beasts lands.


I also bought $1500 worth of SPS for the first time ever yesterday. I still need to do a full report on Splinterlands: spoiler alert I'm going to have a lot of bad things to say about it, but a lot of good things too. (Which is why it took me so long to buy in the first place.)

Wealth it relative

Even millionaires feel poor because they are surrounded by billionaires. Always remember that everything is relative. I may be an idiot, but if I surround myself with fools I become a genious. Shoot did I just spell genius wrong? Oops.

Acquiring wealth is like going to the gym.

It doesn't matter if some guy over there is squatting 1000 pounds and bending the bar like a savage. This is a competition against yourself. Get better than you were yesterday, or you'll lock up and never make it anywhere.


The Tarot cards have spoken.
4-year cycle stronk.

Many people would assume that once they cash out their crypto to fiat they've taken gains and made the money they always wanted to make. It is a huge mistake to rationalize in this way. Fiat is garbage and by holding it we support the central bankers that need to die a glorious dinosauric death.

Rather, we haven't made that money until we've increased the size of our crypto bags. The USD and stable coin transition is only a way to get more Bitcoin, Hive, and whatever else. You haven't made those gains until you x10 the stack of your Bitcoin/Hive account. At least that's the way I see it. Whale here I come. Soon™

Real gains aren't made until a full year of crypto winter has come and gone.

Hedge accordingly.

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