Embarrassing & Toxic HODL Culture Cult

14 days ago
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Over the last couple days we've gotten some really embarrassing reminders about how ridiculous crypto HODLERS are. The hypocrisy knows no bounds.








Greedy assholes need to shut up.

Elon Musk was forced to explain in detail multiple times why Tesla made the decision to take gains and sell 10% of their Bitcoin stack. Why? Because everyone and their mothers was flipping their shit about it.


It was reported recently that Telsa took these gains in late march, so they may have been partially responsible for the dump down to $50k during that time. Pretty good return considering they bought between $30k-$40k. In fact, after this balancing of the books Telsa made more money on Bitcoin than they did selling cars... hilarious!

Not only is it funny but it's also just good for business and a great success story. The entire point of parking reserves in Bitcoin revolves around the idea that Bitcoin actually has the liquidity now to allow big stacks to move in and out of the market. This tale of success will only incentivize more big players to enter the market.

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And just like the greedy self-centered short-sighted cry-baby children that retail investors are, all they can think about are the losses they've sustained over the past week. It's absolutely pathetic and a clear indication of how we got into this mess in the first place. 90% of the population requires their overlords to coddle them like the infants they are: that's why they exist in the first place. This is why we can't have nice things.


Think this doesn't apply to other networks like Hive and elsewhere? It's ten times worse on Hive. People who power down are ten times more likely to be targeted by flags. In fact, downvotes are often the reason why people powerdown and leave in the first place.

The self-righteous Hive police run around here acting like they are bringing value to this place when really they just shit all over everything and wonder why they aren't getting the results they were looking for. Good job dipshits: you just stopped someone from "abusing" the reward pool for a couple thousand Hive and now they are going to powerdown and sell a couple hundred thousand tokens on the market. Smart move.


Scarcity mindset

All of this toxic behavior is born from an extremist mindset rooted in scarcity. No matter how much people have it's never enough. When we watch other people sell we take that as a personal attack on our own bags. Spoiler alert: the entire purpose of currency is that you're allowed to spend it. Sit down and shut up already. If you can't handle the volatility of these lifeboats go back to your Titanic-slavemasters and beg them to take care of you, as you give away every last bit of your freedom for "security". I'm over it.


I hope that this problem will correct itself over time as crypto users become more and more wealthy, but somehow I doubt it. Greed is infinite. Ironically every single billionaire on the planet lives in scarcity: that's the only way to become a billionaire in the first place.

It becomes quite clear to me that we will need to focus on rewiring people's brains at a foundational level. This is why I make jokes about starting my own cult. Religion and spirituality can be used as a tool to create streamlined philosophies that make sense for the average person. Until then, I guess I'll just be spectating this shit-show while hoping people will figure it out themselves (they won't).

At the end of the day this all comes back to authoritarianism vs libertarianism. HODL culture is fine if you apply it to yourself and those who opt into that mindset. It's not okay for you to force that bullshit on other people and punish them for disobeying your rules. Get over yourself. End of story.

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