Kyle Rittenhouse and the history of White Supremacy.

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I really really wanted to stay away from this one.

I have been ignoring the Rittenhouse story for an entire year. I did not want to get involved. I was very ignorant as to what was going on. Only when the trial started and everyone and their mother's started talking about it was I forced to pay attention.

This is a very heated debate.

It was a pretty fucked up situation. BLM is protesting because of police brutality and systemic racism, and then you hear that some jackass kid shows up with an AR-15 and blows three of them away, killing 2 and severing the bicep of the third. How did this happen?

The media ran with this story hardcore.

A story like this has a lot of momentum. News outlets with a left-wing agenda greatly exaggerated the facts, because they are literally financially incentivized to do so. Some people think the powers that be are trying to start a civil war between the left and the right. I think that's comical, considering the left and the right have no army and the military industrial complex can not be contested by the children in the playpen. This is yet another case of Children's Table Politics.


And wow! Are these Children angry!

And rightfully so, because they trust the media outlets when they report that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremist terrorists whose mother drove him across state lines with the intention of killing Black Lives Matter protesters. Many people on the left still believe this narrative (including my girlfriend), even though it is greatly exaggerated.

When I asked my girlfriend about this case we unsurprisingly got into an argument about it, which was ungracefully diffused and we haven't talked about it since. She reiterated the 'fact' that Kyle's mother drove him across state lines and that he went their intentionally to kill people, and that he should be locked up for all time in the torture chamber of the prison industrial complex.

Even more interesting was the precedence that the left thinks his innocence implies. My girlfriend has helped organize and been boots on the ground at many protests, so it's very hard to argue with someone that has that much experience. She told me that the precedence of this case implies that more protesters will die from active shooters and they will get away with it because the judicial system supports white supremacy.

What is White Supremacy?

My girlfriend has told me the story of Bacon's Rebellion a few times now.

The rebellion is significant in that it was the first to unite black and white indentured servants with black slaves against the colonial government, and, in response, the government established policies to ensure nothing like it would happen again.


Bacon's Rebellion was quelled by implementing white supremacy on a legal level. By giving white people more rights than Black people by design, this ensured division between the two communities that would prevent them from working together in the future. To date, this strategy is still employed and is very effective at preventing marginalized communities from banding together and attacking their true enemy.


Riding high on the energy of the BLM protest/riots the media jumped on the Rittenhouse killings and jacked up that energy to eleven. Do they want class warfare or are they just trying to sell their story? Maybe a bit of both? Either way it's clear that the media getting paid for views via advertising sponsors is a big reason why so many people lied about this case and also propagated the lie: Because lying makes money; sensationalism and tapping into strong irrational emotions is profitable. We live in a digital age where manipulation of data can make us rich beyond our wildest dreams. "Bitcoin fixes this", although it would take an entirely new post to explain how.

Fact Checkers: debunked!

Not that I trust fact checkers blindly, but the overwhelming consensus in this case is that Kyle Rittenhouse's mom had absolutely no idea what her son was doing, let alone drive him into the center of an angry mob armed with an AR-15 and body armor with the intent of supporting white supremacy.

But he did cross state lines armed with an AR-15

Yes! This is true. He certainly did cross state lines.

  • He crossed state lines!
  • He crossed them!
  • Did you hear that Kyle Rittenhouse cross state lines?
  • He sure did!
  • Lock him up and throw away the key!

But guess what?

Anyone who looks up the actual facts can easily see the truth:

Two days after the shooting, Rittenhouse, then 17, traveled from his home in Antioch, Ill., about 20 miles from Kenosha, to the protests. He was armed with an AR-15, with a magazine that held 30 rounds of ammunition, and a self-described mission to protect property. During a confrontation, he shot three people, killing two.

He didn't "drive across state lines".

That is a gross manipulation of the data and the implications. He drove 20 miles to protect property. Two brown guys requested that he help them along with several other people, and he shot 3 white people, and everyone is calling him a white supremacist solely for the fact that it was a BLM 'protest' and they could get away with it without anyone calling them out.


Can we trust this?

Can we actually trust that Kyle Rittenhouse supports BLM? I mean not really because there are a lot of reasons to lie and manipulate the data. But he might... I guess we'll see how this thing plays out.

Needless to say.

It is disgusting how people who pretend like they want to dismantle the prison industrial complex demand that a 17 year old be tried as an adult and thrown into a sub-human torture chamber for the rest of his life. Seriously though, I would never convict anyone of any crime, ever, for any reason (look up "Jury Nullification"). That's how worthless our judicial system is.

oj simpson.jpg

Do you think OJ Simpson was guilty of murder?

Yeah, everyone does. Even I do. Why is that? Because of the overwhelming evidence of the case, right? Yeah, who collected that evidence? The Los Angeles police department. One of the most provably corrupt agencies in the entire nation, and we trusted them to collect evidence impartially and present their case? That is a fucking joke.

Society has always been about trust, which is why crypto and the communities popping up right now are so important. The legacy system is so far gone it can do nothing but implode from the weight of its own corruption. It's only a matter of time before the Titanic sinks.

Getting back on topic

I trust two journalists 100%. Abby Martin (who I still need to do a post about) and Caitlin Johnstone (@caitlinjohnstone). Wanna know what they said about this case? Absolutely fucking nothing. Because this case is an absolute clusterfuck that can not be navigated. Everyone involved is so emotionally livid and irrational that it is impossible to make a statement without it blowing up in your face. I trust these two because they report on real news on a global scale, not some hot-ticket item that MSM has capitalized on to the fullest.

Caitlin Johnstone did say one thing in passing about the case on Twitter which was basically dead on. It went something along the lines of, "Something is very wrong if your opinion of this case changes depending on the politics of the accused." Meaning if Kyle Rittenhouse had shot 3 people at the January 6th riot it would be all the left-wing people who'd claim it was self-defense and all the right-wing people opposed to that. Spot on analysis. The world has gone crazy.


Still trying to get back on topic.

The left-wing MSM narrative of this case is pretty clear. Multiple times it was implied that the "victims" were black and this was a case of blatant white supremist racism. A few times they even outright said they were black instead of BLM protesters. Many people were shocked to learn the details of this case as the trial was broadcast on air.

So not only did Kyle's mom not drive him there, not only is repeatedly stating that he "drove across state lines" totally misleading, not only was he asked to be there by two non-white people, not only did he shoot 3 white people, but the evidence keeps just stacking up again and again and again. There is so much more to this case.

This is the main video evidence of the case.

It shows two people getting shot. One died pretty much instantly (skateboarder), and the other one that actually had a handgun got his "arm blown off". I put that in quotes because it's what the dipshit prosecution said about 30 times during the case, always trying to blow everything out of proportion. In reality he was shot in the arm that was carrying the gun that was pointed at Kyle, which is noteworthy because clearly if you believe the first two killings were self-defense then he was more than within his rights to kill the third guy (Grosskreutz) who was actually pointing a gun directly at him at close range. Kyle must be a good shot because he was able to hit him in the arm without needing to aim center mass. I'm actually impressed that he did not kill Grosskreutz, and he showed a surprising level of composure for someone that had just been kicked in the head and beaten with a skateboard, only to have a gun pulled on him seconds later.


The MSM and the prosecution would have us believe that Kyle wasn't in any imminent danger.

Meet "Jumpkick-Man". I can't believe how many times Jumpkick Man was said in the closing arguments (full disclosure, I only watched the closing arguments as per @whatsup's recommendation). I'm such a troll that I "minted" the @jumpkickman and @jumpkick-man "NFTs" right here on Hive.

In any case, Jumpkick Man barely survived this encounter with Kyle. We can see that the gun went off right as Kyle was being kicked, it's hard to tell if Kyle missed or if the kick landed just in time to slightly change the trajectory of the bullet. If I had to guess it just barely whizzed by his left-shoulder and head and then he scrambled away with a slightly sprained ankle.

Anthony Huber was not nearly as lucky. After hitting Kyle with the skateboard he tried to pull the gun away from Kyle instead of jumping on top of it. This was a fatal mistake, as the gun was attached to Kyle with a strap. As the gun was being pulled away from Kyle he fired one shot, and it ripped through his entire body from the waste up through the heart and out the shoulder, killing him near instantly.

Then Grosskreutz freezes with this hands in the air as Kyle sits up and assesses the situation, clearly in shock a bit. A protester runs across the camera and it's hard to see what happens, but it looks like Kyle looked away for a brief moment and Grosskreutz lunges at him with gun in hand. Kyle swiped the gun across Grosskreutz's entire body and took slightly extra time to only shoot him in the arm carrying the gun, which I find impressive considering the context of this situation. By all accounts it should have been three dead here.

How the fuck did this happen?

Well, it all started with Joseph Rosenbaum. It turns out after the fact that all three of these people Kyle shot were convicted felons. This evidence was not allowed in court because it was irrelevant, as Kyle did not know they were convicted felons at the time of the shootings. However, it was allowed to show how erratic and manic Rosenbaum was just prior to the shootings.


It is often said that in wrongful-death cases the victim dies twice: once by their assailant and again in the court of public opinion. Those who support the killing as justified look for ways to demonize their victim and justify the use of lethal force. In the case of George Floyd we saw this play out all too well:

Between 1997 and 2005, he was convicted of eight crimes. He served four years in prison after accepting a plea bargain for a 2007 aggravated robbery in a home invasion. After he was paroled in 2013, he served as a mentor in his religious community and posted anti-violence videos to social media.

I remember hearing things about Floyd like he pointed a loaded weapon at a pregnant woman's stomach, among other things. This is often a disgusting dehumanizing tactic often employed by the right to justify these needless killings. Of course that was a police brutality case, and Rittenhouse's situation is totally different.

Wow that's a very progressive angle from Fox6 News.

In any case, both people killed in this case happened to have Bipolar disorder. As you heard in the above newscast, it is more likely to be a victim than to be the perpetrator, and the stigma surrounding mental illness is massive here in the States.

That being said it is quite unclear if Rosenbaum was on his meds, and the defense made a fair claim in saying that he probably wasn't given his behavior during the "mostly peaceful protests". He approached some militia at a gas station earlier in the night saying, "shoot me [n-word]". Very hostile. He also lit a garbage can on fire, tipped over a porta-potty (i think?), and allegedly even threatened Rittenhouse directly, twice.

Unfortunately the event that started it all ("EVENT 1") was not caught on tape like "event 2" was. Witnesses testified that Rosenbaum was chasing Rittenhouse as Kyle was shouting "friendly friendly friendly". He then threw his bag of whatever at Kyle (looked heavy but prosecutors acted like it was full of happy feathers). Kyle then hit a wall of people, had no where else to run, turned, and fired four times in under 1 second.

Physical evidence shows that Rosenbaum was perhaps 4 feet away from Kyle when he began firing. Prosecution tried to say that this was a great distance and that Kyle was in no danger, but the physical evidence also shows that Rosenbaum's hand was touching the gun and witnesses testified he was lunging forward.

Prosecution (and MSM) also tried tried to say he shot Rosenbaum in the back in cold blood. He fired all four shots in under one second so obviously one of those could have hit the body at a weird angle as Rosenbaum fell to the ground at his feet.

The prosecution (AKA Binger) also tried to claim that full-metal-jackets are more deadly than hollow tip bullets, which is a disgusting lie that even I knew was totally bullshit. Even though I know nothing about guns I do know one thing:

What the fuck is a full metal jacket?

Is it body armor?
I asked my friend in the marines and he told me:

A Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) is a bullet that has a soft core, usually with lead, and is encased in a harder alloy metal such as cupronickel or gilding metal. ... These rounds are ideal for target shooting since they do not expand much when hitting their target.

Binger tried to say that full-metal-jackets are more lethal because they can pierce their target and hit people behind the intended target, while in the same breath implied that hollow points are less lethal because they are non-piercing. Everyone knows that hollow points are more lethal because they expand inside the body and cause massive damage. This was a disgusting lie.

People who listen to the left-wing media (like my girlfriend and I) were led to believe that he used hollow tip bullets. Not sure where we got that information, but when we were arguing about it it came up and I didn't even realize this was gross misinformation.

body armor and fire extinguisher

Towards the beginning of the night Rittenhouse had body armor, but he gave it to someone else because it was getting in the way. This would lead us to conclude that he did not intend to shoot anyone. He was also videoed with a med-kit asking random people if they needed help, and witnesses testified that he put out a fire if I recall correctly.

What is murder one?

First degree murder is the worst kind of murder. It is preplanned, and the prosecution threw multiple counts of first degree murder at Kyle during this case. Which is kind of ridiculous when we look at the actual evidence of the case. If anything it was second degree murder, which is not planned and happens in the heat of the moment (emotional killing).

The prosecution also tried to claim that Joseph Rosenbaum was a non-threatening pipsqueek who was getting thrown around like a 'rag doll' by other people on the scene at the gas station. While he is short, he is not a tiny guy. He's way more threatening than a 17 year old, that's for damn sure.

The left describes this as a "mostly peaceful protest"

Like, bitch please, that is a small step away from a light-warzone. Just watching videos jacks up my manic energy levels to 11.

Looking on youtube, I can't even find the footage of Joseph Rosenbaum being aggressive and hostile, telling people to shoot him and lighting shit on fire... like, how is that even possible: you all should know how by now. YouTube is manipulating data just like all the other data aggregators out there.

Holy shit... look at him

He's just a dumb ass naïve highschooler that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So so obviously. But the left portrays him as a white supremist sociopath; crying fake tears while on the stand testifying in his own defense. And while I do agree that he really sold the tears to the jury (over-exaggerating with the excessive forceful squinting) the kid's life was on the line and his defense lawyers definitely told him to sell it.

You have the right to remain silent.

If you don't know anything about court cases or the law, then you don't know that it is absolutely insane that Rittenhouse was even allowed to take the stand. Most Defense attorneys would never allow such a thing, especially with how young he was and how likely he was to make a huge blunder during cross examination.

Not only this, but Kyle's smartphone was in the possession of prosecutors and they could not access it due to the security of the phone. The defense team WILLINGLY handed them the password in exchange for an unmolested copy of the evidence. Again, this is insane. 99% of the time something like this would never happen.

Prosecutors were looking for any kind of evidence that would tie Kyle to known white supremist organizations or any other evidence that would contradict his testimony, and there was none to be found. Imagine that. Still, this was a huge gambit, as there was still a chance that data could be manipulated to make him look guilty. You almost never want to give the prosecution any kind of data like this that will almost certainly be used against the defense. This time the gambit paid off. "I have nothing to hide" defense seemed to work. That is quite rare.

What we know about the 3 men who were shot by Kyle Rittenhouse

In terms of demonizing the "victims"

I have to write "victims" in quotes here because the judge actually banned the prosecution from calling the victims "victims". He demanded the deceased be referred to as "rioters" or "looters", which is actually also insane. This is one of those things that really made the entire case look extremely tilted in the defense's favor and gave the MSM a ton of ammunition to make claims that white supremacy was being validated.

On top of this the judge was also giving expert testimony on ammunition, which was also a big no-no. The judge should not be testifying on behalf of the defense, and they should have brought in an expert witness. Once again the MSM was given the exact ammunition they needed to pump outrage into this case. You almost have to wonder at a certain point if some of this shit was choreographed just to create a divide between the left and right.

Rosenbaum was at the unrest after having just been discharged from a hospital.

Swart testified she and Rosenbaum were living in a motel at the time Rosenbaum was killed, and that the couple had at times been homeless. She also described Rosenbaum's mental health issues, saying he was on antidepressants and medication to treat his bipolar disorder. He had been in a hospital following a suicide attempt.

Rosenbaum was raised in Texas and Arizona, according to The Washington Post. The paper reported that Rosenbaum said he was molested by a stepfather and had spent most of his adult life in prison starting at age 18 for sexual conduct with five preteen boys.

His mother was sent to prison when he was 13 and Rosenbaum began using heroin and methamphetamine at a group home where he was sent, the Post reported.

Holy... fucking... hell...

So while the right is demonizing the victim here, we can see that he's had a super fucked up past. People need to understand that shit rolls downhill. None of this stuff is a coincidence.

People are dynamic. You don't get to hear one piece of information about them and decide they are murderous psychopaths hellbent on destruction and carnage. This entire situation is just a totally fucked up reflection of society itself brought to light. Transparency is coming, and if you think this is bad you are in for a world of pain when the real demons are revealed.

How in the fuck did he get out of that one?

So the one charge that Rittenhouse clearly violated was casually dismissed by the judge on a technicality like it was nothing. Obviously it is not legal for an underage minor to be walking around with an AR-15 after a mandatory curfew is imposed. Once again, the judge ruling in favor of defense on this gives the left all they need to make the claim that white supremacy is being imposed.

Honestly the technicality doesn't even make sense... something about the barrel length of the gun being too long? Something like that. It was so weird. The AR-15 is like the most common assault rifle. How could it possibly fall outside the bounds of this technicality? I'm too lazy to do more research. I'm already in too deep.

At the same time we have to accept the hypocrisy of trying him as an adult while simultaneously trying to charge him with a crime that specifically targets minors. Welcome to the legal system, boy are they 100% full of shit.

How did he even get the gun?

He bought it with his own money but had his friend buy it for him. If I recall correctly that guy is going to get six years for the crime, which is pretty crazy when you think about it.

It's also very weird for me because I'm from California and the idea that it's legal to just walk around with an assault rifle is insane to me. That's open-carry states for you I guess. Second Amendment rah rah rah.

But, he's a terrorist though!

If you haven't noticed, the word "terrorist" doesn't even mean anything anymore. It's a catch-all now for anyone that the elite wants to smear. Just wait a couple years; they'll be calling Bitcoin holders terrorists. No, I'm not joking. They will. I guarantee it. We seriously need to protect ourselves from this bullshit.

Hmmmm... what else...

Oh yeah I have it in my notes here that the Judge said some Boomer ass shit like he wouldn't allow the prosecutor to zoom in on a video because it might add frames or pixels. I thought that was pretty insane... again... stop testifying for the defense and get an expert witness if you have to. The judge gives so much ammo to the false narrative that you seriously have to wonder if he's incompetent or in on it.

To recap the judge:

  • Casually threw out the most obvious charge on a technicality that doesn't really make sense.
  • Said you can't zoom on video without adding mystery content that would help the prosecution unfairly.
  • Banned the prosecution from calling the victims "victims".
  • Allowed the demonization of the deceased.

And I'm sure there's actually more than this but again, I didn't even watch the entire trial. That's simply too many hours for me to commit. I only watched the closing arguments and various MSM news channels reporting on the issue.

On the flip side

It also looks like the prosecution withheld information from the defense, which in my opinion is grounds for immediate dismissal of the case with prejudice (meaning they can't retry it). The fact that we actually have to trust that the prosecutors will help the defense do there job in canonically absurd. The way our judicial system actually works is a sick joke. Again, I would never convict anyone for any reason: that's how bad it is.

The evidence that was withheld was apparently high definition footage from a drone. The defense was only given the low-def version, which in my opinion is the kind of thing that should get a prosecuting attorney disbarred immediately. Seriously, you don't fuck around with these kinds of things, because it undermines the entire system. Spoiler alert: the entire system is undermined and no one seems to realize it unless it's their political party under attack. Pretty gross how tribalist and ridiculous people are.


There is a clause in self-defense law that states that if you provoke your attacker you are not allowed to use deadly force against them. My girlfriend sent me a Tiktok video explaining clear as day that Rittenhouse could not use deadly force because he had provoked the attack. This made perfect sense and I agreed, until I realized what that implied.

In the TikTok it was subtly implied that by simply carrying a gun he had provoked the mob. What a ridiculous thing to say about an open-carry state. There are also more credible arguments for provocation, such as the mob attacking him after he killed the first guy in self defense. These "protesters" thought he was an active shooter (or so they testified) therefore they had the right to defend themselves against the threat.

This argument also makes sense, except when you actually watch the video and realize again that it's totally bullshit. If they had thought this kid was an active shooter they would have ran for their damn lives. He has an AR-15, and you have a skateboard. The only reason they attacked is because he was running away, had is back to the mob, and was vulnerable. They wanted revenge and they saw a weak target. So obviously. If Grosskreutz actually thought he was an active shooter he would have opened fire from a safe distance. Instead he approached cautiously and then lunged forward for some godforsaken reason. People do crazy things during riots.

Who knows what would have happened if he hadn't fired that weapon. At the very least he would have taken a beating. Unfortunately that's just a trap of speculation. Clearly, Rosenbaum set this unfortunate chain of events in motion by getting himself killed for no reason, assuming that a naïve 17 year old trying to protect property during a riot would not fire on him. At the same time he had just gotten out of the hospital after a suicide attempt? The variables of this case are pure insanity. It is ridiculous to think that something like this could ever happen again. There is no precedence.


We are being divided.

The verdict of this trial did not matter one bit. These vipers in the media organized the data in a way that ensured that no matter what happened people were going to be absolutely outraged. Whether the goal here was to sell ad-space or help seed some kind of civil war is unclear. What is clear is that the left is being pushed more and more authoritarian and hypocritical ever since March 2020. Fear is being used to take all our liberty away. Business as usual.

The prosecution in this case was insufferably incompetent and downright deceptive at every turn, down to every claim and even the type of language being used. Full metal jackets are less lethal. He was there because he was asked to be there and he thought he was helping. His mom did not drive him. He is not a white supremist. He is not a sociopath.

The media would have us believe that Kyle Rittenhouse "crossed state lines" (aka drove 20 miles) by his mother for no reason other than to kill as many black people as he could with a type of weapon that no one else at the scene possessed. Then he got away with it scot free because the judicial system upholds white supremacy as far back as Bacon's Rebellion. And while white supremacy and systemic racism still exist and rampage this country... the left has leveraged this fact into manipulating the data for a profit at the expense of the BLM community itself.

It is quite obvious to me now that it is not Kyle Rittenhouse that is the white supremist, but rather ironically his accusers in the mainstream media. They are the terrorists. They are the master manipulators, and they are in charge and try to gaslight us at every turn. They are the ones making sure we don't band together. Luckily more and more people are scrying past the bullshit and realizing just how bad the propaganda has become.

Again, my girlfriend believes the precedence set here is going to get more of her people killed. She, and many like her, use their "white privilege" constantly during protests to diffuse situations with the police that can escalate to absurd levels when there are only black people around. Again, it's hard to disagree with her because she has so much experience, but after reviewing the evidence myself I am convinced she is being misled, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

Perception is reality.

You don't have to agree with this perception, but you can't deny that it is reality. People on the left believe this narrative. That is a fact. It is undeniable, and it would take absolutely masterful communication at this point to unwind this narrative for those who have been brainwashed by such propaganda.

mark twain easier to fooltrick.jpg

It is not easy for most to pierce the veil and accept that the people they were trusting the most were lying to them the whole time. Every time I get into an argument with my GF about something like this she will become more infuriated depending on how correct I am. There's an obvious direct correlation between facts that contradict someone's accepted narrative and the amount of blind rage they experience when you get close to proving that what they think they know is totally wrong. The human brain does not allow perceived reality to shatter so easily. This is a defensive mechanism that is constantly exploited by authority.

I think the worst fight we ever had was about Fluoride in the water supply. Once I started pulling up Wikipedia pages and peer reviewed studies showing that it is low grade poisonous fertilizer runoff and also doesn't even protect teeth, she totally shut down the conversation and pretended to break up with me. Not going to pursue that exact same situation again for absolutely no reason. Being right in an argument doesn't undo the trust people have for the system. It takes a lot more social finesse than that; a skill I do not possess. People believe what they want to believe. I can only try if the opportunity presents itself; it's not something that can be forced.


Shoutout to @ericwilson for posting this on Twitter.

Seriously it just keeps happening over and over and over again. The left just keeps getting more fucked up and authoritarian. They were given power during this presidency regime change and they will have it taken away in 2024 when Biden inevitably loses. The stage is being set. Let's try not to get lost along the way. Stay the course and don't ANY political party tell you how to think. We can't trust anyone at this point. 'Bitcoin Hive fixes this.'

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