My Best Ever Splinterlands Daily Mission Prize - Almo Cambio

2 months ago
1 Min Read
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Hey folks 😁 Graham here.


I have started buying a mission potion each day to increase my chances of winning better cards and it has been paying off. I have one a few epic cards recently but today surpassed all my previous prizes with a Legendary card worth $12.32 ! Almo Cambio.


I have yet to try out this monster but i did just get beaten in a match with Almo as the Tank so he must be pretty good :)

I may however sell him as i am pretty skint. Also having 12000 DEC in my balance would produce much more SPS tokens in the upcoming daily airdrop than the card would itself.

Also i have managed to get to the Gold League for the first time this season !!

Peace, G.

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