From now on, SEED purchasing price is 1,2$

2 months ago
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Just wanted to make a quick post to inform you.

It's been a very intense few hours and on request for 'last-minute deposits,' the cut-date for the price increase has been postponed for already 10 hours.

Duly, this must come to an end.

From now on, new SEED purchases will be done at a 1,2$ exchange rate for HBD/HIVE.

Only 6600 SEED remaining while writing those lines, so over +10.000 scooped up in the last 48H. Jeez. I expect the new buys to relax as anyone interested to buy had time to do so, and now the 20% increase in price may seem unattractive.

Thank you all for the support! Today or tomorrow the weekly holdings report.


'100% blogging rewards allocated to @seed-treasury.'

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