ORN breakout makes SEED reaching +100K$ milestone for the first time

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Phew, the last hours have been intense!

I have been observing with a lot of attention all the testing which the market has been doing to the 10$ price mark on the ORN/USDT chart...

It's been somwhat 'painful' to see other coins perform much better (even majors), but seems that the consolidation time is ending soon (if not already).

I counted like 5 tests in the last 30-40 days.


Not to mention this zone has been a very important one in the past. check this out:


Can you notice the volume dying in the capitualtion phase, and how it inncreased later in the previous accumulation range? (which hopefully we're leaving behind). This chart is a beauty.

ORN has been a laggard in terms of price (also because they still have to deliver a few key things on their main product), but if we compare it with a lot of other coins which already returned to ATH (or even surpassed it), ORN still have a +100-200% to go.

In terms of perspective, compare it with COTI, for example. (COTI and ORN are heavy synergic partners).


Compared with ORN, it would be as if orn were already in the 20$'s. Compared with some majors like SOL or ADA (in terms of price performance)the difference is even more dramatic as ORN and other defi coins are seriously lagging. Hopefully they catch up soon.


Quick trade in, quick trade out.

As much as I like quick adventures, you have to be extremely risky when doing such moves.

Yesterday was one of those days when you see 'too many signals' and knowing that could easily be nothing (as crypto always has been the wild west).


Yesterday moved all the AVA & CUB and purchased +20K$ worth of ORN at 8,95$ .
As I'm writing those lines ORN is worth 10,75$ while it's pumping a very decent +17% in the last 24h period. Usually It's not that fast but seems that my 'gut feeling' was right when told me that something was cooking (is already cooking!).

Orion terminal is making today an ATH in volume (58M in 24h!), and I guess they achieved some integration with Coinbase to provide Coinbase customers better prices through distributed liquidity. Huge if true! (still, can't confirm nor deny anything, no news and team 99% silent in the last 2 weeks).


If we count it since the 8,95$ price mark of yesterday, it's a +2K$ trade on this move alone, +10K$ on our entire ORN position. This move makes the seed-treasury holdings worth more than 100K$ for the first time (excluding early september with HBD trading +aty a 20% premium).

I believe it still has a long way to go, but I'll be deescalating the 'excess' position while it keeps pumping while I repurchase (or not!) our old AVA & CUB positions. I will decide as we go along.

SOMEBODY knows SOMETHING for sure. I'll keep you updated.


Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 75,000 tokens.
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (25K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 104.405$

SEED TOTAL Value: 95575/75000 = 1,39$ /SEED (+39% since the beginning).

SEED Liquid Value (Only liquid assets): (104405-10800)/75000 = 1,248$/SEED

Let's hope we let the 5 figure mark down forever and stablish in the 100K$'s :)

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