SEED Holdings Report #10

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I don't have much time available; so this one will be real fast. Three things to mention:

  • TVL in presales keeps increasing, we added 2 more projects this week.
  • SEED is getting very unstable in the pool. How we should proceed?
  • Price disparity & Refunds.

First with the stats.


We added 2 new projects, DARK and HE. We're still waiting for the listing of HE which should happen soon.

DARK is the first token which I'm not selling instantly, as the project feels amazing and I want to hold it a bit more. It's another x10 on the board as we purchased our 6000 tokens for 375$ ( 0,0625$ /DARK). Trading currently at +0,5$.

Soon our portfolio will be filled with small allocations yielding outsized returns with TVL increasing progressively :)

SWAP.HIVE/SEED Pool getting unstable [opinions, please?]

When I started with the 'yield farming program' for SEED on this post my #1 intention has been to bring a bit more of that needed liquidity for SEED holders. I added around 10K$ of liquidity and started paying a pretty decent APR of +50%.

So far my modus operandi (not daily, but once every 2-3 days) with the BeeSwap has been the following:

  • Reduce progressively my liquidity (46% atm) to increase the %APR for other users of the pool.
  • Pump (or dump) Hive/Seed to keep the price aligned (''canceling'' effectively IL for LP's).

And even with that I'm seeing people:

  • Still dumping SEED on the 'normal' HE market 'losing' a lot of money.

I bought SEED at around 1 HIVE... which means someone 'dumped' on me at LESS than 1$/SEED. Why would anyone do that? It's ignorance or what I'm missing? It's Ok that HIVE pumped +100% overnight and I understand that some people market sold everything at Hive Engine... but... but I can't still understand.

In the end, maintaining liquidity in the pool + yielding rewards has a cost. If holders don't pretend to use it and just want their SEED to sit quietly in the wallet I'll end up terminating the pool.

For that reason, I'm asking for your opinion.

What do you like/dislike about the hive/seed pool? What would you change? What you're missing?

Friendly Reminder about the SEED Buyback Promise.

The BeeSwap pool has the function to allow people in/out (in small amounts atm) as long as the pool keeps pegged in HIVE terms.

I'm also setting up periodic buy/sell walls on Hive Engine because I noticed that price there can alter the 'visualization' price of the pool.

Apart from that, a buyback promise stands in place.

that means you can reach to me and sell your SEED for a 'fair' value based on the ACTUAL backing value of SEED (minus a fee).

That means if you need to sell, and the 'real' price is 1,5$, you can contact me through Telegram/discord (I'll never send a message first) and then we'll arrange the sale for a 2-5% fee or something around that).



let's go with the last stats.

Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 75,000 tokens.
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (25K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 119.080$

SEED TOTAL Value: 119080/75000 = 1,58$ /SEED (+58% since the beginning).

58/2 = 29% MoM profit


It's Friday again. Enjoy.

100% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury. Remember you can follow the portfolio in real-time here:

You can join us on Telegram and follow me on Twitter.


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