SEED Holdings Report #12 - Crazy idea in the making (again, feedback required)

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This week has been one of those busy ones from my 'real life' side of things, from the internet side relatively quiet. However, early this morning had a crazy idea (but a very utterly obvious possibility) regarding seed that I need to share ASAP. Let's recap.

  • Private funding acquired, details here.
  • New token on portfolio, Demole $DMLG

We're standing as follows right now:


As I said this week we added a new token through presale, $DMLG

  • We bought 12800 tokens for 400$, so 0,031 $ each. We already sold 4224 for 1060 BUSD. So it's already an x2,5 on our initial plus 8576 tokens valued at almost 1900$ of pure profit.

In my previous post, I shared details about a Private acquisition of SEED tokens for 17K$, which for the moment added to our DAO Maker Position (6K DAO).

Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 86,500 tokens.
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (13,5K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 141.915$

SEED TOTAL Value: 141915/86,500 = 1,64$ /SEED (+64% since the beginning).

67/2 = 32% MoM profit


And this is where the (possibly) fun starts.

  • Currently, I'm adding 25K DAO from my own portfolio.
  • After the last funding, SEED holders control 24,5K DAO.

The DAO position for SEED holders accounts for 49,2% of the portfolio.

You are seeing what I am seeing?


If we sell the other half of our portfolio and go all-in into DAO, Seed alone would hold the 50K DAO required for the 'whale status' on their own. This, obviously would entail very powerful pros and a very obvious con.

Let's disclose:

'The' CON:

  • We're concentrating our portfolio into (a bit irresponsibly should say), all-in position. If DAO Maker value halves, we're facing severe consequences. However, we can attenuate a bit this particular risk.

  • We're losing (at least temporarily) the 'anchor factor' of HBD which until now has been giving us a place to hide on rainy days.

Multiple PRO's:

Until now, DAO Maker allocations have been shared between seed and me (@empoderat) on my right contributing with more than half of the collateral. If as a collective we use our portfolio to acquire the remaining 25K DAO, we would get the ENTIRE allocation.

  • We're talking about doubling the allocations (basically receiving the other half), hence doubling the excellent results that we've been achieving until now.

Using the $DMLG example of before, just double the numbers.

We bought 25600 tokens for 800$, so 0,031 $ each. We already sold 8448 for 2120 BUSD. So it's already an x2,5 on our initial plus 17152 tokens valued at almost 3800$ of pure profit.

  • We get rid of all the Locked values of our portfolio (also all of our 'safe' value on HBD) except the HIVE, which will keep sitting into the @seed-treasury account. This often is an underlooked factor, we're talking about getting access to 30% of our value in $.

  • $DAO itself is a very decent project. If an alt season is coming, we could probably be x3-4'ing easily this position (this is also a con because it goes both ways).

  • As a consequence, we're increasing by orders of magnitude our volatility. A big price to pay, but the potential reward could be also amazing.

How would it be carried out?

If I see enough support in the comments section it's as easy as changing accountability numbers and preparing a new ETH wallet to keep previous and upcoming allocation segregated.

HBD savings sitting at @seed-treasury would be transferred to my personal account.

We're ready to make this move? How do you see it?.

Maybe it wasn't clear enough, but if I'm proposing this it's because I'm 100% into it. Once again I want to see some community reactions.

If the ''it's up to you, master'' dominates, we're doing this move.
What do you say, SEED holders, are we ready for a high-risk- high reward move?

Whatever the case, enjoy the weekend :)


We're doing it. You're awesome.


100% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury.
Remember you can follow the portfolio in real-time here:

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