SEED Holdings Report - #4

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I've been delaying this weekly report on purpose because:

  1. There's really not much to report rather than we're waiting to enter on more presales while I micromanage our positions. Still have to decide a few things, that I'll share with you below in the post.

  2. Today is the first month anniversary since @seed-treasury started collecting funds. (I noticed because We'll receive our first interest payment within an hour or so while I'm writing those lines).

EDIT: 140,5 HBD paid out as interest for our first month! Curious to see how this amount evolves over time.

Let's share some updated numbers & changes in our positions.

Total Assets Under Management (AUM):

seed4 1.png

I'm very happy to have ended in such a low timeframe the SEED sale since now the reporting makes much more sense as previously new funds were being added continuously.

+80K$ is a great starting point and I can see it growing to 250-500K$ If markets go somewhat mad again, something which we're expecting (not going to dare with dates).

Near the top will be the time to move an additional chunk of the portfolio into HBD or other stables and see what happens next.

The detailed disclosure of the funds is as follows:


Remember you can check the portfolio in real-time:

This week took profit of the USDT we had the previous week and sold 2/3 of our CUB and loaded a not negligible amount of 4000 AVA. ERC20 AVA is coming, so a lot of gates are being opened at the moment with Travala.

GAME had a nice 40% increase and we're back at the 10K$ 12$K! mark in locked funds. This is always great to hear, Play2Earn will be a megatrend and we'll be well-positioned for it as a lot of presales/seed rounds are for games/projects/NFT's working in that direction. Remember that our GAME position comes from a presale and it's 100% profit since we already recovered our initial investment x2.

Regarding the following SEED & SHO sales.

We hadn't luck on the previous week's lottery for the presale but currently, we have 3 lined up in the next 10 days. Crossing fingers to get 1 spot, at a 30% chance 1 spot wouldn't be that difficult.

I think we just need time with these presales. Over time they will compose a very decent % of the portfolio.


I don't like $CAKEPOP and I seriously doubt the project will gain relevance anytime soon.

Having said that, being able to buy at the IDO it's a nice experiment and a battle testing for the CUB IDO feature. I'll be throwing some $$$ into the IDO and treat it as an experiment. Maybe 100-200$ into it. But won't lose sleep on that one.

ORN is settling for a massive pump.


I won't hide that ORN is my #1 Defi play for this bull run.
I can smell some big announcements soon (as Coinbase/Coinbase Pro isn't big already).

B2B Volume coming & Mainnet staking shouldn't be that far away.

Don't sleep on ORN! I'll keep accumulating as much as humanly possible, also with SEED funds.


Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 75,000 tokens.
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (25K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 87.400$

SEED TOTAL Value: 87400/75000 = 1,165$ /SEED (+16,5% since the beginning).

SEED Liquid Value (Only liquid assets): (87400-12000)/75000 = 1$/SEED

Time & more presales. That's all we need in stagnant market conditions.

That's all for this report. Have everyone a good weekend.

100% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury.

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