SEED Holdings Report - #6

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Sorry for the delay in publishing the report for this week, I've been travelling for almost the whole week and didn't come back home until yesterday late in the night.

Overall it's been a pretty good week after we fully recovered from the nasty dump on the 7th. The worst part is after the dump the HBD came back to the 1$ mark, so we're not allowed to exploit the premium (for now!).

Let's go with some numbers.


Few things to note for this week:

  • I started adding the blogging rewards in the 'Safe-Value' section, I'll be adding them in tranches and they're the resultant HIVE Power after transforming HE tokens + blogging rewards. Ain't much yet but it will be increasing over time.
  • Taking profit of the high HBD price I managed to get 2500 HIVE in pure profit with the initial 5000. It's not possible anymore to keep exploiting the HIVE-HBD conversion since the HBD price returned to the 1$ mark.


  • With the profits + the initial HIVE I managed to grab +10K CUB at 0,52$.

The previous times the 0,5$ level has been a great support level, no reason to think that this time will be different. I also guess that the following IDO's will add some buying pressure (not losing sleep on them). In the meanwhile, I'll sit comfy in the cub kingdom.

Let's see how the range behave this time :)


Update on DAO Maker Lottery Rounds:

Joining Presales on DAO Maker has been something increasingly difficult, in the last weeks. We also had been quite unlucky losing x5 presales in a single row.

I ha to say that our current winning chances are 10% being in the highest tranche possible, something that they're addressing soon with a Priority System.

from their own medium blog:

While the winners will continue to be randomly selected, the Priority System ensures that users that never won a SHO will have a higher chance of randomly being selected. All users will be given a new variable called priority. Every Time a user registers for any SHO and loses his priority is increased by factor 1.

This is understood better with an example:

If a community member never joins a SHO his priority factor will be 1. After registering for his first SHO and losing his priority will be increased to 2. A user with priority 2 will have double the chance of being randomly selected to win the SHO. This means that the user can still lose a second time but the chance of that happening will be lower. The users registered for another SHO a few days later and again did not win. His priority factor is now 3, meaning he has a 3 times higher chance of winning than users with a priority of 1 and 1.5 times more likely to win than a participant with a priority of 2. The same user now registers for the 3rd time to a SHO on the DAOPad and wins. His priority factor now rests back to 1.

Great news if you ask me. Let's go with the SEED stats.

Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 75,000 tokens.
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (25K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 95.575$

SEED TOTAL Value: 95575/75000 = 1,27$ /SEED (+27% since the beginning).

SEED Liquid Value (Only liquid assets): (95575-10000)/75000 = 1,141$/SEED

Looking to conquer that 100K$ value mark soon. Waiting for the ORN pump (very!) soon.


That's all for today, hope you had a great weekend.

100% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury. Remember you can follow the portfolio in real-time here:

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