SEED Holdings Report - #7

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This one has been a pretty active week in terms of trading and (once again) I've delayed a bit more this report (since I somewhat posted in the middle of the week + I had a couple trades which i was waiting to do).

Now, with all the homework done, it's time to bring back the numbers. I'm overall happy and pretty comfortable. This week we smashed 2 important psychological milestones from where we can keep on building (after all they're only unit bias, right?).

  • We smashed the 100K$ AUM for the first time.
  • @seed-treasury now holds +30K $HBD (28,5% of the fund).

Let's go with the colored charts.


We're currently in an 'overexposed' position on ORN, however, I'm outlining later a TA and explaining my 'trading plan' for this one. No worries! it's all under measured control.

We had quite a pump with GAME, maybe it seems insignificant, but 1750$ it's not small money. Used to work 2 months full time for less than that not long ago. Locked, however, as I keep studying Gamestarter more of a gem it's in my eyes. GameFi will be massive.


I waited in purpose for the report because I need to make a decision first. Previously in the week I sold 30% of our ORN position for ETH, used some of the profits to round up our HBD up to 30K. Later on (a couple of hours ago) sold again our ETH and entered again into ORN near support.


Funny facts:

  • Yeah, I'm writing this and trading at 6 am.
  • Yeah, it's Sunday.
  • I fell asleep at 23:00 pm (on Saturday night btw what a shame).


Nah, seriously. Today is family day and I'll be away until late in the afternoon, so I'm forced to write this now to avoid thinking about it all day long.

Detailed TA with ORN

Since we're balls deep into an altcoin position, I feel convenient to assess a bit more deeply the technical management with this one. More details on this trade in my previous post.

Long-term (1W)


Long term we have 2 primary forces acting right now.

  • The least important is an Inverted Head and Shoulders formation which might be playing out. (I'm not a fan of trading based on these shapes & forms, however, If they suit (or contradict) my trading bias I obviously won't ignore them.
  • The one that I like. A VERY BIG resistance turning into support (IF) once we close above 10,5$ (I'm betting on it). I expect continuation on this bullish trend.

Short-Term (4H)


On a shorter timeframe, I'm seeing reaffirmation of the longer-term trend.

This run is cooling off a bit for a few days (probably Wednesday waiting for news) and will bounce from there (if not before). What news? Dunno, but it seems that whatever the deal they had with Coinbase, it's also pretended by Crypto(dot)com.

Can you feel how they're building up a monstrous amount of hype? Let's see how it goes next week. if price starts falling below my invalidation point (10,5$) I'll probably be selling some and waiting for positive price action).


Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 75,000 tokens.
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (25K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 105.800$

SEED TOTAL Value: 105800/75000 = 1,41$ /SEED (+41% since the beginning).

SEED Liquid Value (Only liquid assets): (105800-11750)/75000 = 1,25$/SEED

Slow & steady growing, that's how we like it!


Well, that's all. Enjoy your Sunday :)

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