SEED Holdings Report #8 - [Call to action for all token holders]

2 months ago
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What a busy week!

  • Yield farming rewards announced & activated (+35% APR) on BeeSwap.
  • NFTrade Presale (I ran a little contest yesterday).
  • Starpunk Presale (waiting for listing).

We also had an ugly week in terms of price performance (Evergrande + China FUD combo), but we are at our strongest point ever. GAME had a magnificent run and I also have a few Dao Maker updates to share.

Please read until the end because I (we) need SEED holders to voice their opinion regarding a matter.

Let's run our colored weekly stats in the meanwhile.


(Today I'm skipping the first chart, too much redundant info I guess).

The most noticeable loss for this week is the one with our major holding, $ORN. The breakout to the upside has ended being what we call a 'fakeout' and the price returned to their old range between 7,7 - 10,5 dollars.

All the market has plummeted with it, so nothing bad, just 'another day at the office'. We'll need a bit more patience while momentum keeps building up.

It's incredible all the similarities we have Vs. 2017. Are we into the matrix? If everything goes as expected, we're primed for a massive run around the end of the year.

The other day (1 month ago) was 'drawing' around and today stumbled again with the long-term ORN/BTC chart. So far it has been playing out nicely. The price respected my magic line!


Update on DAO Maker

Dao Maker restructured their lottery system (and they keep doing it) and this week we had great results after +1 month of drought. We won 2 presales in a single row.

Presale 1: Nftrade ($NFTD)

We had a 1200$ allocation which ended up receiving 9600 tokens at 0,1$ each (20% unlocked, 80% gradually).

  • I sold our unlocked 20% allocation for 1150$, so, almost 100% ROI.
  • We keep the remaining 7680, which they're worth around 0,56$ each now, so 4300$ of pure profit sitting in our 'Locked value'.

Presale 2: Starpunk ($SRP)

We have a 450$ allocation, token metrics are as follows:

Total supply: 680M
Initial Supply: 30,4M
Initial Mcap: 700K$
Price: 0,023 $
Lockup: 33% unlocked at TGE, 3 months cliff, and then vesting linearly for 2 months.

Nothing more to comment on while I wait for the official listing. Let's pray for another x5-x10.

As you can see it's very (very easy!) to get a sweet multiplier at the beginning, where you simply retire your initial investment (to keep rotating). After that, it's a comfy hold. If the project delivers, great, if not; no biggie.

Presales in High Demand, DAO Maker increasing their tiers [Input needed]

After the recent update, we had 4 tiers which ranged from 0 up to 10K DAO (25.000$ at current prices) all of them were already very crowded given the massive benefit presales give to their participants.

From now on, DAO Maker introduced 2 new tiers:

  • 25K DAO ( 62.500$ at current prices) with a x2,6 increase in winning chance Vs 10K tier)
  • 50K DAO ( 125.000$ at current prices) with a x5,2 increase in winning chance vs 10K tier)


I already secured a 25K DAO spot from my own holdings.

What I am asking you is:

As a SEED holder, how would you feel about moving a big chunk of our liquid funds available to try to grab that 50K spot? (we would need 62.500$, where I would be putting even more of my own funds).

Think about a 60/40 or so. As always nothing is set up in stone.

In practical terms would mean getting rid of almost (if not all) of our ORN position for the equivalent in DAO.


  • Even bigger allocation on presales (5-10K$ profit every time we win based on past results).
  • If we give it enough time to escalate (as it's already happening) we'll get an absurd exposure to GameFi in no time.
  • We give SEED a more defined value proposition as it would act as a VIP ticket for 'whale opportunities' as a community which are unavailable for 99,9% of people out there.

(How many regular people have 50-100K$ spare cash to invest in Venture capital?)


  • Getting rid of a gem ($ORN). If it shoots up in the short term it would be a pity. However, it's not really a 'con', since everyone can keep buying ORN outside of SEED (I'm not required for that). Orn in that context is only a winning horse IMHO. Everyone can hold some ORN but not everyone can opt to participate in high level allocation presales.

  • More value locked into the 'Locked value' category (in the short term at least).

Note also that however, ORN has much more 'mooning potential', DAO itself isn't a bad hold and If it recovers his old ATH we're talking about an x3-4 anyway.

**Please take 5 min to think about it and drop a meaningful response in the comments. I want to hear you, SEED holder. **

Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 75,000 tokens.
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (25K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 101.815$

SEED TOTAL Value: 101815/75000 = 1,357$ /SEED (+35% since the beginning).

SEED Liquid Value (Only liquid assets): (101815-23660)/75000 = 1,04$/SEED

Holding strong there on the 100K$!


Enjoy your weekend and please, take your time to drop a comment. I would like to make a decision soon based on your general sentiment.

100% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury. Remember you can follow the portfolio in real-time here:

You can join us on Telegram and follow me on Twitter.


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