SEED Holdings Report #9 - Hello Uptober!

2 months ago
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You know what they say,

''After a Rektember, a Uptober always come...''


And this is also the case with our SEED holdings. Let's recap.

  • SEED is officially 2 months old! 244,1 HBD has been received as interest (10% APR build out on HBD savings).
  • Our recently purchased 18K DAO (for a combined 50K DAO Power position) are already in place, and their benefits will start rolling out today (the non-custodial has a delay of 5 natural days).
  • We're going hard on full presale mode. With already 3 winning lotteries at our shoulders the results will start to pile up.

You'll like this week increase ;) Let's revisit our AUM's


DAO leading the pack

Our DAO purchased at 2,5$ are already worth 3,3$ which means we already recovered fully from the previous ORN loss. It's a 'long-term' golding anyway, since we want the DAO's for the utility, not really for the price appreciation (which is indeed a great 'bonus'). Great problem to have!

Regarding $GAME:

GAME is also performing very well. I'm so happy with this one. Do you remember from this old post?

  • We bought 12500 GAME at presale prices (0,08$/GAME).
  • We sold 2500 and recovered our initial investment (1000$) + 100% profit (1000$ more).
  • We still hold 10K GAME, which is worth 23K$. (We won't get new unlocked tokens until the 8th of December)

And this is only one of our presale entries! Feeling bullish on 'Locked Value'.

Regarding StarPunk ($SRP)

Starpunk is the first project where I applied my 50% cut and from the 450$ allocation I allocated to myself 225$ (I adjusted the numbers from the previous report, but didn't edit for transparency purpose).

  • The initial allocation was 19565 tokens for 0,023$ each. The Venture yield fee takes out a -20% from that (3913 tokens).
  • From the remaining 15650 I'm splitting in half = 7815 tokens.
  • We got unlocked 33% at TGE (2605 tokens), so we sold that for 705 BUSD (almost x3 on initial 225$).
  • We still keep 5210 $ SRP each worth 0,29$ (x12,6 since presale price of 0,023$). This is 100% profit.

Hope this helps to understand things. Whatever doubt, just ask!

....... ....

At the moment as you noticed I'm selling instantly our unlocked allocations since we're in a need of BUSD liquidity. We currently hold 1680$ (which hopefully will be enough as long as presales keep flowing and tokens being listed on the markets for quick x10's (EPIC LOL) without any delays).

The machine is going full brrr at the moment.

You're welcome.


Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 75,000 tokens.
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (25K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 121.166$

SEED TOTAL Value: 121166/75000 = 1,615$ /SEED (+61,5% since the beginning).

Not counting 'liquid value' anymore for SEED. It's irrelevant as the use case it's clear. Instead, I'm adding a new variable; the month-over-month profit which is very simple; it's basically the profit since the beginning shared equally between all the months the machine has been running. So

61,5/2 = 30,75% MoM profit (expect this flatten over time!).

This is how things look overall :)


I'm moving out of my current home coz my landlord is a douchebag. Don't expect much posting apart from these regular reports in 2-3 weeks (I'll try though, but don't expect it).

It's Friday, so have a nice weekend everyone.

100% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury. Remember you can follow the portfolio in real-time here:

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