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1 month ago
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It's a jungle out there. I was reading @cryptoeater post on how a new listing simply folded up out of the blue, making away with investors (primarily his) money.

Truth is, because we are in such a small community we may not be aware of the number of crypto related scams that go on daily. @cryptoeater case was particularly painful because it had no semblance or warning signs of being a scam.

We need to be careful in this space. Anything involving money will always come with a band of unscrupulous characters seeking to fleece people out of their hard earned money. We must thread caution at all times particularly when dealing with somewhat risky transactions and simply not rely on guts alone.

We must also be careful about our own desires, or greed. We all want more for sure, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Where it becomes a problem though is when we get lost simply in mindless accumulation without giving it a second thought. This is one easy way to either get burned, or burn others.

I remember hive in its early days on steem with bidbots, those who shitposted 10 times a day and all that. If there is never a need for caution of our own selves then we are probably no different from those who look to fleece others outright.

We must also make moves to make our investments more secure. Put the right security in place and don't go clicking in links you shouldn't. If you have any doubt on any website, platform or profile, best avoid and/or possibly report.

I hope we all stay careful out here and not lose our hard earned earnings.