Should I buy Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) in 2021?

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Buying cryptocurrency right now can be one of the most profitable things you can do, either because your cryptocurrency can go up or because of the profits, you get if you make a stake with it.

In the current crypto market, there are more than 12900 cryptocurrencies and many more are added daily, these have different uses, such as value storage coins, stable coins, blockchain gas coins, gaming coins, shitcoins, memes coins, and a lot of other uses.

As the cryptocurrency market in the future, and passing or neglecting this opportunity at this time can be fatal, but when looking at so many coins it is difficult to think about which one is the best to invest in.

The most recommended by experts is to buy BTC, ETH, BNB as they are very important coins and with useful uses, but they also recommend buying Stablecoins or stable coins that are anchored to the par of a coin, for example, the Tether that a USDT coin is worth $1.

But in the Stablecoins market is also big, as you can find USDT, BUSD, USDC, UST, among others. But in the Stblecoins market, you can also find a coin that besides offering stability and ample financial security also offers you to earn interest on your savings balance, this is Hive Backed Dollars or HBD the stable coin from the Hive blockchain.

Should I buy Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) in 2021?

Short answer, YES, of course, YES.

The long answer is that HBD is a very useful currency for many reasons, but mainly because it is a currency that does not face the same problem that others like the tether do.

The HBD is not backed by any physical or digital dollar, but rather as its name says the HBD is backed by an equivalent value in HIVE, the native currency of Hive blockchain, something very similar to the TERRA stablecoin. Thanks to this important function, the HBD is out of reach of problems with financial entities.

Another benefit of having HBD in savings in your hive wallet, is that it offers you an interest rate of 10% per year, that is to say, that if you have in your wallet 10K in HBD in one year you will have 11K, and although it is not as high as what other currencies offer is something much higher than what any bank could offer you.


This post is my contribution to the @crypto-guides section where we focus on HBD and all its features and benefits, if you want to know more visit this link:

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