SPLINTERLANDS DAILY QUEST REWARDS | 11/14/2021 -- Gold III <<6 Chests>>

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Hello Everyone, ForsakenSushi Reporting In!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. I am super excited today for the end of the season and enjoying my life here in splinterlands a lot. It's Sunday, November 14th 2021 here in the United States. Today I am sharing my daily quest rewards in the Splinterlands with you. Today's quest was to use the earth splinter and and win 5 times. I completed my quest quite quickly because earth is one of my favorite splinters, I advise you check them out. Currently, I am still playing in the Gold 3 league and I was rewarded with 6 loot chests. In today's quest rewards, I got 2 common cards, 22 Dec, and 1 Potion.
Venari Heatsmith.png
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Claimed Quest Rewards:

daily results 11.14.21.png

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My Current League:

snapshot pre collect 11.14.21.png

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My current league is Gold 3 and today I reached a 2525 rating. I actually am ending the season with enough rating to actually be in the beginning of Gold 1, but I would have to recall all of my rentals and cards I have delegated to friends to start playing. So i will accept gold 3 and be happy with the boost in rental income which today was a milestone record for me, first time I ever collected more than 1000 DEC in one day of rentals! Pretty awesome!

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Venari Heatsmith

venari heatsmith card lvl up req, showing maxxed card stats.png

Im happy to receive the Venari Heatsmith because I have a hunch this card will be much more valuable and used in the future. The card is similar to kelp initiate or pelacor conjurer in utility as a meatshield except it costs 1 additional mana. But as you can see above, when maxxed it has 3 abilities you normally dont see together: Void Armor, Amplify, and Thorns. Void armor reduces magic damage recieved, amplify makes thorns, return fire, and magic reflect do additional damage, and he has his own thorns. I think the higher level players will end of using this card greatly in the future and I plan to build one for the future, especially with prices now sitting around $0.20 USD each.

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If you are new to Splinterlands and want to join, you can join from the below link.


If you are a new to the game and want to ask something, you are welcome I am always available 🤚 to help you. Thanks in advance If you like my post! More Power to You!!