Removing Witness Votes To Improve Hive

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Make Room For LeoFinance

It should be crystal clear to most people that is a beast and that things we have seen, especially during these last few months, has generated a lot of buzz and hype for Hive in general. With tremendous work ethic, LeoFinance delivers one amazing change or update after another. They care about- listens to- and work with the community as they (we) move towards the future with niche oriented communities that have real impact, and that has the potential to change lives.

What we have seen might be just the tip of the iceberg for what Hive can handle, but LeoFinance paves the way for everyone. That should be an undeniable fact by now. Yet, we still have witnesses in the top 30 that has not produced any blocks for over a week, and @LeoFinance sits at #30 at the moment I write this.

Make sure to change your votes.


While I personally believe that LeoFinance should be a top 20 witness, I guess others aren't as convinced. I cannot tell you why, because I have no answers, but if people stop voting for inactive witnesses, we might have a small chance to change the witness positions a bit..

I haven't bothered much with my witness votes, but I realized that my witness votes where literally 'all over the place', and I was voting on some inactive witnesses as well. That is changed now..

Even though I don't know what all the witnesses are doing behind the scenes, I know that LeoFinance deserves a top position for what they have done until now, and for the things that will come. We need ~22 million HP to move LeoFinance the last 10 positions in the witness list, so it's nothing that will happen easily.. But show them some love by giving them your vote.


  • How can you not vote for the witness that brought us easy onboarding that has been a major issue for a long period of time, that no one before seems to have had a solution for..?

  • How can you not vote for LeoFinance when they pave the way for Hive in terms of overall growth, secondary layer tokens that hold real value and increasing engagement?

  • How can you not vote for LeoFinance as a witness when they have given you an amazing opportunity to earn an extra income while you interact and engage with crypto & finance related content and like-minded people from all over the world?

  • How can you not vote for LeoFinance as a witness when you earn hundreds of dollars per month?

Still Not Convinced?

If you aren't convinced yet, I guess you will never be. I guess you live with your head in the sand and ignore true value and your surroundings. The least you can do is to remove your votes from inactive witnesses and make room for @LeoFinance in the witness list.

  • I didn't mention 'crypto twitter', Lightning layer or the 50/50 reward split..
  • I didn't even mention the price of the tokens.

LeoFinance Still Got Your Attention!

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