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An ENTREPRENEUR is a person who create new business,bearing the risk and enjoying most of the reward.

ENTREPRENEUR is another stage of investment.you can start your business by selling or making something. It is not difficult to start a small business, you only need to choose not to be fearful.there are many green areas waiting to be boost up.

The problem is that we see problems not opportunities,set out a business to meet people's need,even in areas where there's champions, there is still room for competitors.in business you have to cater for enough people, I mean what you are selling must be essential for people.people want to to babe what you sell, not just the location of where you sell it at. Though there might be a rejection and failure, but be ready to overcome them, this is one of the common issue in business.


Entrepreneural is not yet develped, so when you take a bold step, people thought you are over reaching your limit, and they will expect you to fail, do not listen to the crowd, every problems or failure you get will always be a product to your testimonies,the most successful person have suffered a alot of rejections. You can't insist to score in every you played, do what you must do and be consistent.learn from your mistakes and move on, you must be persistent.

Always improve the quality of your product, be ready to add value to people's life in whatever area that you are in, there is what we called TRIPLE E in business, essential for everybody everyday you can sell what you know people need everyday or weeks, invest your earnings.

Prayer and fasting is necessary too, but they cannot take the place of skill, if your job has to do with speaking, learn how to speak well, I will never buy anything from a person that can't communicate intelligently, choose to be part of the top 5 in your arae or nation.


A wise man will hear and increased learning,a man who succeed of excel in his work will stand before king not unknown men.unknown men can never afford to pay you what Kings would pay.

what you learn affect what you learn, if a Cutlass is blunt , more strength is needed but skill will bring success.

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