Steem - Let's get STEEM listed on more Exchanges!

1 year ago
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We need to get STEEM listed on more exchanges

Looking at different coins, it quickly becomes apparent that steem is not listed on nearly enough exchanges.

Getting steem on more exchanges may have a direct impact on how valuable the coin is. IE, the more exchanges listing steem likely means the more valuable steem will be.


How do we make that happen?

I am thinking of starting a daily program where I send at least one email to a different exchange every single day asking them to list STEEM.

So far, the email I am thinking of sending looks something like this:

Hello (Exchange Name),

I would like to suggest that you add STEEM to your cryptocurrency exchange. It currently is one of the most active blockchains as evidenced by the 6th place ranking on


It also currently has 2 of the more popular apps in all of crypto, which is evidenced by having 2 of the top 3 ranked apps running on steem according to


Plus it sounds like the main developers have major upgrades coming in the the next couple months. Developments that likely make the coin even more popular.

Adding it to your exchange may prove lucrative judging by the number of users on the chain and its apps.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Will it help?

I have no idea how much of a difference this will make, but it likely won't hurt much either.

Let me know any suggestions you might have for the email as well as any thoughts of exchanges to specifically target.

My plan was just to go down the ranking list on coinmarketcap and send an email each day.

Some early research shows that many of these exchanges have listing fees... perhaps we could use the SPS to fund exchange listings?

That seems like a great use of SPS funds to me...

What do you think?

Stay informed my friends.