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Before my involvement with crypto, l saw it as one of those shady schemes used to con unsuspecting greedy lads.

This was due to what l witnessed in 2016. A lot of pyramid/Ponzi schemes were rising and falling within the twinkle of an eye. They came as a get-rich-quick program. The type that promises to double or triple your stake.

These schemes became popular across the country. It came when l was running my B.Sc degree and alot of us wanted to be economically active. Ponzi seemed like an investment so, why not? People didn't hesitate to get involved.


I can still recall how people staked their tuition fees in such schemes. At a point, some resorted to borrowing to stake big and earn bigger. "High-risk, high-reward" was on everyone's lips. Others sold off their gadgets and other items at a very low price.

It was just a matter of time before it came crashing. The likes of MMM, Citifund, Tripleup, Twinkas, Cashpipe, charity, etc.

Funny, isn't it?
The sad part is, its collapse had a huge impact on everyone.

  • Students lost their tuition fees.
  • Businessmen lost their inputs
  • Employees lost their savings
  • Worst off for those that invested with borrowed fund.

Memories of this loss were still very fresh in people's mind when Crypto started trending. I for one didn't care much about Crypto.


I wasn't planning to take a chance on it so, l didn't read beyond headlines of any Crypto-related article. I saw it as a project that was pioneered by con artists.

My decision didn't make me less of a risk-taker. I just didn't allow myself to do my research -a decision that still bites me whenever l think about it. Well, the past is there to either make us smile or sad.

Who would have believed that Crypto would turn out to be different?

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